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75th Anniversary

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75th Party Pack

In 1937, during a worldwide depression and right before a world war, George Pepperdine College began. Seventy-five years, five schools, and 88,000 graduates later, it’s time to celebrate, and it’s our pleasure to have our Pepperdine family join us! This Celebration Pack is our gift to alumni and friends who would like to join us in the celebration and host their own 75th anniversary party. The Celebration Pack will make the celebration easy, special, and memorable.

The Celebration Pack is designed to allow Pepperdine alumni and friends living across the country the opportunity to gather and celebrate the 75th anniversary. The Celebration Packs are designed to help hosts get their party planning started. Included in the Celebration Pack are 75th anniversary items hosts can use to decorate their site, party and giveaway gifts for their guests, a deck of cards with trivia on each card, and more. The guidebook will help our hosts understand how to best use these items and make their party truly memorable.

If you haven’t already, please join us in celebrating the 75th anniversary by hosting a party and fill out the host registration page. This form allows you to inform the Alumni Affairs office about the date and time of your party, agree to the terms and conditions, and fill out where you would like the Celebration Pack mailed to. This form will allow the Alumni Affairs office to post your party on the 75th anniversary party map. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Questions? Call the Alumni Affairs Office (310) 506-6190 or e-mail: . Please refer to the Celebration Pack Guidebook.

Send in videos or photos of your celebrations to: or post them to our 75th Anniversary Facebook page. Check out the International 75th Celebration thrown in Florence, Italy!