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75th Anniversary

I'm a Wave Video

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, Pepperdine invites students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to share their reflections on the university and thoughts about this major milestone. Submit a video message that highlights how special Pepperdine is to you. Your video will be played on the University's website, on the University's YouTube Channel, and possibly even during 75th Anniversary events. Go Waves!

Video Instructions

  1. Tell us your name, school, and year (remember to wear your orange and blue)
  2. Recite and fill in the blank on one or more of the following

    1. "Pepperdine changed my life because/when____"
    2. "From my Pepperdine years, I'll never forget_____"
    3. "Thank you, Pepperdine, for_____"
  3. Share your pride and complete this sentence
    "I'm a Wave and _____"
  4. Upload submissions directly to YouTube, using the highest quality possible
  5. Tag the submission with phrases "I Am a Wave", "Pepperdine University," and "75th Anniversary"
  6. Title the submission utilizing the term "I Am A Wave" and your name
  7. E-mail the YouTube URL directly to