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Pepperdine encourages and values each faculty member's individual interests. Many faculty members are respected experts in their fields of study, and lead a diverse variety of research projects. Their contributions are widely published in scholarly publications, books, and other works and are helping to make a difference in multiple issues and aspects of education, policy, society, and humanity.


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Faculty-Authored Books

God, Freedom and Human Dignity: Embracing a God-Centered Identity in a Me-Centered Culture

Ronald Highfield

God, Freedom and Human Dignity: Embracing a God-Centered Identity in a Me-Centered Culture

Does God's all-encompassing will restrict our freedom? Does God's ownership and mastery over us diminish our dignity?

The fear that God is a threat to our freedom and dignity goes far back in Western thought. Such suspicion remains with us today in our so-called secular society. In such a context any talk of God tends to provoke responses that range from defiance to subservience to indifference. How did Western culture come ... more

A Literary Map of Spain in the 21st Century

Graciela Susana Boruszko

A Literary Map of Spain in the 21st Century

A Literary Map of Spain in the 21st Century is a unique scholarly publication that participates in the debates of literary researchers by exploring the linguistic and literary map of Spain in the twenty-first century. Each chapter is centered in a particular cultural and linguistic area of Spain; and there the study extrapolates to other regions of interest. This book covers all or at least most of the sociolinguistic and ... more

Terrorism and Violent Conflict: Women's Agency, Leadership, and Responses

Candice Ortbals and Lori Poloni-Staudinger

Terrorism and Violent Conflict: Women's Agency, Leadership, and Responses

This book explores how gender intersects with political violence, and particularly terrorism. We ask how gender relations and understandings of femininity and masculinity influence political violence, which includes politics related to terrorism, state terrorism, and genocide. We investigate how women cope with and influence the politics of terrorism and genocide. The book’s goals are descriptive and analytical. We (1) describe in what ways women are present (and/or perceived ... more

Don't Stop Believin': Pop Culture and Religion from Ben-hur to Zombies

Craig Detweiler, Robert K. Johnston, and Barry Taylor

Don't Stop Believin': Pop Culture and Religion from Ben-hur to Zombies

Elvis Presley. Andy Warhol. Nike. Stephen King. Ellen DeGeneres. Sim City. Facebook. These American pop culture icons are just a few examples of entries you will find in this fascinating guide to religion and popular culture. Arranged chronologically from 1950 to the present, this accessible work explores the theological themes in 101 well-established figures and trends from film, television, video games, music, sports, art, fashion, and literature. This book is ... more

Confucianism, Democratization, and Human Rights in Taiwan

Joel S. Fetzer and J. Christopher Soper

Confucianism, Democratization, and Human Rights in Taiwan

Responding to the “Asian values” debate over the compatibility of Confucianism and liberal democracy, Confucianism, Democratization, and Human Rights in Taiwan, by Joel S. Fetzer and J. Christopher Soper, offers a rigorous, systematic investigation of the contributions of Confucian thought to democratization and the protection of women, indigenous peoples, and press freedom in Taiwan. Relying upon a unique combination of empirical analysis of public opinion surveys, legislative debates, public school ... more

Selected Works by Faculty

Just As Fragile As A Patient

Author: Craig B. Garner
Category: Hospitals

The American hospital has evolved greatly over the past 100 years, from the almshouse once visited mainly by the desolate and poor as a last resort to that enigmatic, cutting edge institution which today forms the foundation of modern American health care. Advances in technology and medical science have transformed ... more

Arbitration's Counter-Narrative: The Religious Arbitration Paradigm

Author: Michael A Helfand
Categories: Law & Religion, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, Jewish Law

Arbitration theory and doctrine is dominated by an overarching narrative that conceptualizes arbitration as an alternative to litigation. Litigation, one the one hand, is more procedurally rigorous, but takes longer and costs more; arbitration, on the other hand, is faster and cheaper, but provides fewer procedural safeguards. But notwithstanding these ... more

Living with ADR: Evolving Perceptions and Use of Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Management in Fortune 1,000 Corporations

Author: Thomas J. Stipanowich
Categories: Dispute Resolution, Practice and Procedure, Legal Profession

As attorneys for the world’s most visible clients, corporate counsel played a key role in the transformation of American conflict resolution in the late Twentieth Century. In 1997 a survey of Fortune 1,000 corporate counsel provided the first broad-based picture of conflict resolution processes within large companies. In 2011, a ... more

Soft Law in the Organization and General Conduct of Commercial Arbitration Proceedings

Author: Thomas J. Stipanowich
Category: Dispute Resolution

This commentary examines the growing use of Soft Law - non-binding guidelines that currently play an important role in organizing and conducting commercial arbitration proceedings. Standards such as the UNCITRAL Notes on Organizing Arbitral Proceedings, the ICC Techniques for Controlling Time and Costs in Arbitration, and the Protocols for Expeditious, ... more

Medicare: The Perpetual Balance Between Performance and Preservation

Author: Craig B. Garner
Categories: Medicare, Health Care Fraud and Abuse, Hospitals, Health Care Reform, Compliance

Passed by Congress and signed by President Lyndon Johnson into law in 1965, Medicare has weathered storms from all directions, growing to be the preeminent standard for health insurance in the United States. The idea of losing Medicare as a vital public benefit still remains the single greatest fear ... more