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Undergraduate Research

Water Poverty in California’s Rural Disadvantaged Communities

Author: Alyssa J. Galik
Categories: American Politics, Political Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences

California, the eighth largest economy in the world, has nearly one million residents that lack daily access to clean drinking water, yet it recently became the first state in the US to declare water a human right through the passage of 2013 Assembly Bill 685. The majority of water quality ... more

Kara Walker's (Re)Presentation of History in the Antebellum South

Author: Kris Harper et al.
Categories: American Art and Architecture, Arts and Humanities, History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology

This project examines the beautiful and controversial artwork of Kara Walker. After close examination, we determined that the artist’s self perception and different power struggles with and relationships to race, emotion, sexuality, and history are all illustrated through the various silhouettes of Kara Walker's creation. In a historical context, Walker ... more

Race Re-Imaged: A Closer Look at the Photography of Ken Gonzales-Day

Author: Jasmine Tall et al.
Categories: Arts and Humanities, Contemporary Art, History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology

Ken Gonzales-Day is a modern-day artist and historian who uses his fields of expertise to convey his message against ignorance, with an emphasis on past and present crimes against forgotten minority groups. Our portfolio covers three specific art forms through which Gonzales-Day expresses his opinions: the Erased Lynchings series, which ... more

A Period of Transition: Early Islamic and Umayyad Coinage

Author: Anna Tiner
Categories: Biblical Studies, History of Religion, Islamic World and Near East History, Other History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology

A study of four coins from 620 to 680 AD provides a meager yet insightful glimpse into the coinage minted by Islamic rulers during their conquest over the Holy Land and the transition of rule from the Byzantine Empire to the Islamic Caliphate. With the help of an innovative technology ... more

Public Opinion towards Bicycle Lanes: The Case of New York

Author: Wil Fisher
Categories: Political Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences

As bicycles gradually become an established form of transportation in the United States, planners and policymakers need new evidence to determine how best to expand bicycle infrastructure. Using logistic regression analysis of 2012 public opinion data from New York City, this article explores the demographics behind support of bicycle lanes. ... more

Graduate Research

Baby boomers and digital literacy: their access to, and uses of, digital devices and digital media

Digital literacy is fast becoming a necessary skill for mediating life in the 21st century. Digital technologies, digital media, and digital devices have become ubiquitous and intrinsic in modern society and using one to interact with the others requires specific skills--digital literacies--be learned. The purpose of this research was to ... more

Virtual school teacher's science efficacy beliefs: the effects of community of practice on science-teaching efficacy beliefs

The purpose of this study was to examine how much K-12 science teachers working in a virtual school experience a community of practice and how that experience affects personal science-teaching efficacy and science-teaching outcome expectancy. The study was rooted in theoretical frameworks from Lave and Wenger's (1991) community of practice ... more

Father involvement in an elementary school: a case study

This year-long research investigated fathers' involvement in 1 public elementary school in southern California that served an ethnic diverse and lower socioeconomic population. This case applied Epstein's 6 typologies to analyze the perceptions of 112 fathers and 132 mothers utilizing a 35-item validated questionnaire, followed by long interviews of fathers, ... more

Dual language learners in Head Start: examining teaching strategies that promote English language development

There were dual purposes of this exploratory, case study. The first purpose was to investigate and describe the teaching strategies of six Head Start teachers within one program in Oregon whose dual language learners had shown gains of at least three levels in receptive and expressive English language development, as ... more

Recognition and response: early literacy in an inclusion-based preschool program

The purpose of this case study was to investigate and describe Recognition & Response (R & R) practices, a model of early literacy Response to Intervention, utilized by multidisciplinary staff teams in a purposively selected, inclusion-based preschool program in Southern California. Investigated R & R practices included: (a) recognition of ... more

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