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Critical considerations on interpersonal impact for next generation professional services leaders: a case study

With all the discussion surrounding the significance of culture within the realms of professional services organizations, this researcher was curious as to how to improve the quality of a culture. A higher quality culture, evidenced by a more positively energized work force, serves to improve competitive advantage for a concern, ... more

Effects of the protective factor social support and risk factor of cocaine abuse/dependence among racially diverse female survivors of sexual victimization

This study examined the role of protective factors (i.e., social support) and risk factors (i.e., cocaine abuse/dependence) in psychological outcomes (i.e., major depressive disorder, irritable depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder) among racially diverse female survivors of sexual victimization. Archival data from a subsample of participants (n = 1115), those who ... more

Perceptions of leadership behaviors and innovation by Saudi Arabian police directors in the Mecca Region

Saudi Arabia faces many challenges, including the political instability of the Middle East as well as currently decreased oil prices. However, Saudi is ranked 83rd in the global creativity index. Thus, Saudi has developed Vision 2013 to promote innovation that includes increasing tourism. The Mecca Region is a center of ... more

Personal growth and its role in the professional development of novice clinicians

This study used an inductive, qualitative content analysis to investigate what aspects or elements of personal growth influence professional development in first-year clinical psychology doctoral students. Fifty-three journal entries reflecting critical moments during clinical training were coded using consensual agreement and interpretative phenomenological analysis. This study found six core themes ... more

Integrative behavioral couple therapy for intercultural couples: helping couples navigate cultural differences

Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT), an empirically supported and evidence-based third-wave behavioral approach for treatment of couples, is examined in this multiple case study. Specifically, the qualitative experiences of therapists using IBCT in their work with intercultural couples are examined through each therapist’s typed responses to open-ended questions. Each participating ... more