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The major supporting mechanisms for successful single working mothers

Single mothers are commonly characterized as low-income welfare recipients. In 2010, close to 30% of single mother households were below the poverty line (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010a) conversely leaving 70% of single mothers above the poverty line. Being a married working mother is challenging and comes with the need of ... more

Southern California small business leaders and emotional intelligence: exploring perceptions of effect and value in the workplace

Although they represent 99.7% of all employers in the American domestic workforce, the annual failure rate of small businesses is alarming. Given this high failure rate, research is needed to better understand the characteristics of leaders who create and sustain success in small businesses. The two-part purpose of this sequential, ... more

Examining therapists' perceptions of strategies for overcoming barriers to treatment with youth and their families

Youth who are untreated for mental health problems are at risk for a number of consequences, including academic underachievement, substance use, delinquency, and future mental illness in adulthood. Nearly 80% of youth who need mental health services do not receive them, and of those children and families referred, it is ... more

Exploring the feasibility of employing externalization as a methodological modification to traditional autoethnographic approaches

The number of Americans reporting extreme stress has increased over the past six years. Prolonged exposure to stress has the potential of producing severe damage to the health of individuals. Pennebaker and Graybeal (2001) stated, “When people write about their deepest thoughts and feelings about an emotionally significant event, there ... more

Relationship between negative social reactions to sexual assault disclosure and mental health outcomes of ethnically diverse female survivors

Negative social reactions that sexual assault survivors receive upon disclosure have been correlated with psychological distress such as posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, and problem drinking. However, the impact of ethnicity in the relationship between unsupportive reactions to assault disclosure and the psychological sequelae remains unclear. Using hierarchical linear regressions and ... more

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