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Undergraduate Research

Graduate Research

Novice clinicians and the experience of transcendence in clinical training and supervision

This autoethnographic study, from the perspective of novice clinicians, used a directed, or deductive, qualitative content analysis to explore the presence of transcendent experiences, as one aspect of personal growth for three first year clinical psychology doctoral students. A total of fifty-three journal entries describing critical moments during their first-year ... more

Virtual civic engagement: exploring technology, secondary social studies, and problem based learning with TPACK

Sociological and cultural analysts have noted the reticence of public secondary schooling to recognize and build academic activities around the participatory culture in which adolescents are so readily involved (Jenkins, Purushotma, Weigel, Clinton & Robison, 2009). Despite the Common Core State Standards having required students to demonstrate they can maximize ... more

Establishing a safe school culture: an examination of current practices in K through 12 leadership

School improvement plans and major reform initiatives most often target core academic competencies. They might include strategies to improve the physical safety of school campuses, but they rarely include discussions about creating psychologically safe environments. School safety has garnered national attention in the aftermath of violent high profile shootings on ... more

A mixed methods study of online course facilitators' perceptions of mobile technology, design, and TPaCK affordances

The increase in mobile technology options for students in post-secondary, continuing education influences how instructors design and implement courses, specifically online courses (Sözcü, İpek, & Kınay, 2016). Much of the current research addresses technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPaCK), course design, and/or mobile technology as separate topics. There is limited ... more

#BlackLivesMatter: creating an online discursive structure

The Black Lives Matter movement started in 2013 as a response to the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of his killer, George Zimmerman. What started out as a hashtag on a social networking site quickly grew into a large offline grassroots movement, with no formal hierarchy and ... more