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Undergraduate Research

A Framework of Responsibility and Absolution

Author: Tobin Wilson
Categories: Arts and Humanities, Philosophy

Suppose we have a choice between A and B, and that both options are morally reprehensible. If we were forced or tricked into making a decision, would we still be responsible? The answer is usually quite easy to find, but the question of why we are responsible seems much harder ... more

A Morally Consistent Character or Absolute Free Will: Which Should We Choose?

Author: Sarah Woods
Categories: Arts and Humanities, Philosophy

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” This Aristotelian notion of how to lead a virtuous life is one that philosophers and scholars alike have respected and praised for centuries. Consistency in choosing the right path is the key to leading a ... more

A Necessity of Morals

Author: Austin McElrath
Categories: Arts and Humanities, Metaphysics, Philosophy

John Martin Fischer has stated that his initial motivation for his work The Metaphysics of Free Will was “to defend moral culpability from the threats of causal determinism and divine omniscience” while also asserting semi-compatibilism. Taking that a step further, the goal for my own work is to defend our ... more

The Curse of Fortune; Responding to Luck Objections in an Uncooperative World

Author: Kyle Morgan
Categories: Arts and Humanities, Philosophy

The consensus scientific view holds that our world is indeterministic at the micro level, but practically deterministic at all other levels. In an indeterministic world, live alternative possibilities at the moment of decision render it impossible for agents to guarantee what they will choose; regardless of their personality and ... more

Just Desert

Author: Onur Sahin
Categories: Arts and Humanities, Philosophy

In this paper I examine the relevance of moral desert with regards to compatibilist accounts of moral responsibility. I look at two types of moral desert: (1) desert with relation to an agent and a moral community and (2) desert with relation to the moral worth of an agent or ... more

Graduate Research

A study of the influence of leadership competencies on a school culture organization

The purpose of this quantitative study was to examine teachers' perceptions of an association between principal leadership and their leadership competencies on a schools' culture. This paper explored teachers' perceptions of principal leadership and the health of the school culture. In a Southern California school district 835 teachers were e-mailed ... more

An examination of the issues impacting athletic directors at NCAA Division I football bowl series non-automatic qualifying institutions

This study attempted to identify the issues confronting athletic directors at the NCAA Division I FBS membership institutions from the following athletic conferences: American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, Mid American Conference, Mountain West Conference, and Sun Belt Conference. These conferences are considered to be non-BCS automatic qualifying conferences. Since the ... more

Comic art and humor in the workplace: an exploratory study ...ZZzzzz

This study is a qualitative, exploratory examination of the phenomena of humor in the workplace. The purpose is to derive a better understanding of how real people enact humor in the workplace by examining the humor depicted by and through fictional characters in comic art. The body of work of ... more

An exploratory study: mobile device use for academics

As mobile devices become more and more ubiquitous among teens, such devices have also been fighting their way into the educational landscape. In this digital world where people are constantly entertained, educators have found it difficult to capture their students' attention and motivate them to stay engaged in formal class. ... more

Work-life balance of women leaders in the Association of Theological Schools

Although women make up more than 50% of the student population at a theological institution, they are significantly underrepresented in leadership as evidenced by Lowe's 2011 study, which found that women account for fewer than 10% of CEOs in theological education. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to examine ... more

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