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Supervisory alliance and countertransference disclosure of social work trainees

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the supervisory alliance and countertransference disclosure of social work trainees in direct practice. Eighty-six social work trainees in direct practice, receiving supervision in field placement, (N = 86; 89.5% female, 8.1% male; 73.3% White, 11.6% Hispanic\Latino; 5.8% Asian/Pacific Islander, ... more

Self-perceived cognitive decline, neuropsychological functioning, and depressive symptoms in HIV+ Spanish-speakers

Within the United States, HIV is a growing epidemic that has important neuropsychological and functional consequences. Early detection and treatment of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND) is associated with better outcomes. In major metropolitan areas such Los Angeles County, HIV disproportionately impacts the Latino community. For those individuals who are primarily ... more

The supervisory alliance and psychology interns disclosures of clinically relevant events in supervision

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the bond component of the supervisory alliance and trainee disclosure of clinically relevant events in supervision. This is a procedural replication of Okek’s 2013 study using a novel analog-based survey assessing for willingness and likelihood of disclosure provided scenarios ... more

The impact of organizational culture on individuals' decisions to join, stay, or leave an organization

Organizational culture has been a topic of interest throughout all industries and has become a phrase studied in business and academic literature. With the Millennial generation now in the workforce, organizations employ workers of various age groups and generations. With increased scrutiny on organizational culture, the widely varying age ranges ... more

Internship directors' perspectives on emerging trends in psychological assessment training and practice

Psychological assessment represents a core competency domain that continues to be uniquely associated with professional psychology. Despite the necessity and value of psychological assessment across domains of practice, there is growing concern regarding the training provided to developing clinicians, specifically psychology graduate students. Past studies have drawn attention to the ... more

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