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Academic accommodations for college students with psychiatric disabilities: recommendations for disability service staff, faculty, and clinicians

The number of college students with mental illness is on the rise, and there is a clear relationship between mental health and academic performance. As many as 5-12% of college students with mental health symptoms may not obtain the supportive services for which they qualify. A significant portion of students ... more

College access: a case study of Latino charter school students and their K-16 pathways

Despite the benefits of a college education and the resources allocated to college preparedness programs, Latino minorities, at 12.7% of college students, continue to be overwhelmingly underrepresented in institutions of higher educational (Zarate & Burciaga, 2010). The graduation gap between lower and higher income students as well as minority students ... more

Social media and social learning: a critical intersection for journalism education

For the past decade, the profession of journalism has been under intense pressure to adapt to changing business models, technology, and forms of communication. Likewise, journalism education has been under intense scrutiny for failing to keep pace with the industry and inadequately preparing students for a rapidly changing professional environment. ... more

Overcoming resistance to change in Saudi Arabian organizations: a correlation study between resistance to change and organizational justice

After 12 years of negotiation, Saudi Arabia joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2005. The impact of joining the WTO has caused many Saudi organizations to change some of their old ways to keep up with competition from all around the world. Foreign investments created a healthy competition that ... more

Best practices to establish susccesful mobile health service in a healthcare setting

Alternative healthcare programs have been steadily flooding the health care market, with the most notable being mobile health. Mobile health, more popularly known as mHealth, is expected to generate upward of $59 billion dollars. This is astonishing, considering the mHealth market is still in its infancy as an alternative healthcare ... more