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Graduate Research

Exploring the relationship of meetings to organizational culture and values

This mixed methods study explored the relationship between organizational culture expressed through values and meeting practices. Three organizations were studied using meeting observations, a staff survey and interviews. The study referenced four conceptual frameworks on the role of meetings in business—that they played a functional role, represented an interruption in ... more

Examining trainee therapists' use of recommended counseling strategies for facilitating posttraumatic growth in psychotherapy with clients who have experienced trauma: a qualitative analysis

Posttraumatic growth (PTG) describes the experience of positive changes following one’s struggle with trauma. Calhoun and Tedeschi (1999) recommended counseling strategies for how therapists may facilitate the process of PTG within psychotherapy with clients. Because the efficacy of these strategies had not yet been assessed empirically, this study sought to ... more

The development of therapy suggestions for addressing issues of creativity in individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder

The aim of the present study was to generate a set of therapy suggestions specifically for use in the treatment of creative individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In order to achieve this end, the author collected information from bodies of literature that focused on three general research areas: (a) the ... more

Exploring the value of trust between teams of special education teachers and paraprofessionals

This phenomenological study explores the value of trust between teams of special education teachers and paraprofessionals. The study delves into their lived experiences, focusing on characteristics and behaviors that build, sustain, destroy and restore trust between them. There are multiple studies on trust in education, however, there is relatively little ... more

Model Continuation High Schools: social-cognitive promotive factors that contribute to re-engaging at-risk students emotionally, behaviorally, and cognitively towards graduation

Although school dropout rate remains a significant social and economic concern to our nation and has generated considerable research, little attention by scholars has examined the phenomena of re-engagement in effective school context and its developmental influences on at-risk students expectancy for success and task-value towards graduation. Given the multifaceted ... more