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Best storytelling practices in education

Effective teaching strategies can be defined as utilizing the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, which include understanding, application and analysis (Flynn, Mesibov, Vermette & Smith, 2004). Teachers that use effective teaching strategies can significantly impact the future earnings of their students. Students that are recipients of these strategies receive a ... more

Accountability in mixed-generation teams

In 2014, more than 1.6 million patients received services across the U.S. from hospice care agencies. The teams within these agencies are supporting each other to play a vital role in assisting a person’s transition from this life to the next comfortably, as well as catering to the family. Hospice ... more

Espoused and practiced stakeholder engagement in support of corporate social responsibility within the United States healthcare sector

This qualitative study provides a snapshot into what corporations say and what they do with regard to stakeholder engagement in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and considers the difference in the promises made and the actions taken by corporations in the minds of stakeholders. As the research of ... more

Evaluating a new plant startup in the rigid plastics packaging industry

This qualitative study examined the startup phase of a new manufacturing facility in the rigid plastics packaging industry. Thirteen personnel were interviewed for their impressions of the startup experience, and were asked for their recommendations for the type of leadership, training and knowledge sharing, and organizational systems and support needed ... more

Leaders' roles in creating and sustaining collective genius

This study examined leaders’ roles in fostering collective genius innovation within one private elementary school, including managing the paradoxes of innovation. Based on content analysis of eleven participants, this study found that teamwork, clear student learning outcomes emphasizing individualized learning, design thinking, and a growth mindset, all impacted willingness to ... more

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