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Graduate Research

Exemplary change management practices used during corporate outsourcing specifically related to integrated facility management

Too many outsourcing models fail to deliver expected results in Integrated Facility Management (IFM) models. IFM is a type of outsourcing model that transfers in-house work to an outside company that performs it onsite as if it were part of the client’s organization. This process requires collaboration, coordination, and communication, ... more

Utilization of the Multidimensional Well-being Assessment to understand well-being in individuals with identified religious affiliations

This study examined multiple dimensions of well-being among adults with identified religious or spiritual affiliations utilizing the Multidimensional Well-Being Assessment (MWA). This study focused on transcendent well-being and its dimensions of religiosity/spirituality and meaning/purpose/flow. A non-random sample of 492 participants with identified religious or spiritual affiliations completed multiple measures of ... more

Custom-built environments for Communities of Online Informal Learning: an exploratory study of tools, structures, and strategies

This qualitative, exploratory study grouped together and explored custom-built environments for communities of online informal learning (COILs) with a special lens on the socio-technical relationship of platform tools, structures, and strategies that lead to social learning. The study was conducted through a three-phase process. First, a list of possible candidate ... more

Factors affecting educator participation in professional development activities through the use of a microblog

Examining teacher participation in collaborative microblogging activities may offer insight into creating alternative options for effective professional development. In this sequential explanatory mixed methods study, educators’ opinions of their use of a microblogging tool, Twitter, will be examined to determine what factors affect their participation in professional development activities using ... more

Challenges for women academic leaders to obtain senior leadership positions in higher education in Saudi Arabia

The purpose of this research was identify the most common challenges for Saudi women leaders to obtain senior leadership positions in higher education, as well as to determine the nature of these challenges in terms of cultural nature of Saudi society, personal challenges emanating from the women themselves, and organizational ... more

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