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Chapters and Regional Programs


ACT Social
Using the acronym as a play on words, Alumni Coming Together. The event brand is usually for informal social gatherings.

Alumni Leadership Council (ALC)
The role of the council is to be advisors and ambassadors, acting as the voice of alumni to the University and developing an environment of involved, active alumni across the world. The council is comprised of 20 voting members and 13 non-voting members to ensure equal representation among Pepperdine's five schools, student leaders, recent graduates, and regional volunteers.

Alumni Night at the Ballpark
A sporting event at a ballpark, designed to be family-oriented social gathering.

Annual Report
Yearly self-evaluation of chapter's successes and areas of improvement. Also serves as the application for the Chapter of the Year.

Best of Pepperdine
Event branding to feature distinguished faculty speakers when traveling for chapter events. Bringing the best of Pepperdine beyond the classroom.

Career Connections
A programming area for events that is geared towards professional development and networking with career coaching and mentorship opportunities.

A Chapter is a regional program based on geographic locations throughout the world that enable alumni to remain close to their alma mater, regardless of their location.

Chapter Executive Board
Comprised of executive officers and standing committees that organize and execute the business of a Chapter.

Chapter of the Year Award
Awarded to the premier Chapter of the year as voted on by peers.

Chapter Presidents' Council (CPC)
The council members shall represent the University at the grassroots level through Chapters and Regional Programs. The council is comprised of current and past Chapter Presidents from all Chapters and all Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) Presidents.

A Club/Society is an informal gathering of alumni based on their affinity to the University during their time as students, from Greek life to Bar Society and other common interests. In essence, these are "affinity Chapters" instead of "regional Chapters."

Community Outreach
A programming area for events that is geared towards giving back to the community through service, school recruitment and publicity.

Community Relations Committee
The committee is responsible for increasing awareness, and establishing a presence of the Chapter and the University in the region.

Event Budget Form
A simple spreadsheet to calculate projected and actual expenses and revenues for paid events.

Events Committee
The committee is responsible for the overall success of chapter events.

Event Planning Checklist
A checklist for events to support the successful implementation of all events.

Event Proposal Form
A form that compiles all the details for an event into one document for quick and easy reference.

A programming area for events that is geared towards athletic, social, cultural and lifelong learning experiences.

Freely Give Community Service Project
This event brand exemplifies the motto of Pepperdine University through a local community service project.

Freely Give for the Holidays Reception
A social/networking event during the holiday season that offers a service component that utilizes the motto of Pepperdine University in the brand (i.e. toy drive, clothing collection, canned food drive, etc.).

Grape Escape
A social gathering with a creative name that usually involves wine and cheese-tasting.

Membership Development Committee
The committee is responsible for strengthening relationships and establishing personal connections with alumni before and after events, and informs them about upcoming Chapter activities.

A network is based on career or industry to provide a forum to draw alumni in similar fields together for professional development, regardless of school affiliation or location. In essence, these are "industry Chapters" instead of "regional Chapters."

New Graduate Night to Network
An event to celebrate graduating students in a region and connect them with the business community of alumni and parents.

New Student Send-Off Party
Organized by the Seaver College Parents Program, annual celebrations to connect freshman students with peers in their region before the academic year begins.

Night to Network
A more structured event than social gatherings with an emphasis on professional development and networking.

Non-Paid Event
A chapter event that does not incur any direct costs requiring purchase of food, ticket sales or any other expenses.

Paid Event
A chapter event that incurs costs and/or generates revenue.

Post-Event Report
A form that documents the strengths and weaknesses of an event to provide guidance for future event planning.

Serves as a core position on the Chapter Executive Board representing the alumni Chapter as the elected liaison to the Pepperdine University Alumni Association and oversees activities and delegates responsibilities to officers and committees.

Regional Developing Board
Comprises volunteers who organize and work to develop a Chapter. Once developed, the board evolves to a Chapter Executive Board with the appropriate officers and committees.

Regional Representative
A volunteer in a developing chapter or region.

An optional Chapter Executive Board position responsible for taking minutes at meetings and serving as a Chapter historian.

A Club/Society is an informal gathering of alumni based on their affinity to the University during their time as students, from Greek life to Bar Society and other common interests. In essence, these are "affinity Chapters" instead of "regional Chapters."

Step Forward Day
A University-wide day of service to encourage everyone to use this to step forward and continue serving through out the year (always scheduled the first Saturday after Labor Day).

Vice President of Community Relations
Serves as principal ambassador to the local community and participates in outreach related to increasing overall attendance at Chapter events and Pepperdine's identity in the local community.

Vice President of Membership Development
Serves as a core position on the Chapter Executive Board responsible for alumni outreach in the region by developing processes for engaging and establishing strong personal connections with alumni.

Vice President of Programming
Serves as a core position on the Chapter Executive Board to develop annual calendar of events, proposes budget, and supervises all event charges with guidance and support from officers and committees.

Vice President of Volunteer Services
Responsible for incorporating service opportunities into chapter programming and developing a process for implementing a mentorship program to connect students and recent graduates with alumni.

Volunteer Services Committee
The committee is designed to fulfill the mission of the University by coordinating activities involving volunteerism and community service for the Chapter.

Waves of Excellence Award
An individual award bestowed upon a Chapter leader who embraces the mission of the University and actively engages alumni, parents, students, and friends beyond the status quo of events.

Waves of Service
This global service program celebrates, supports, and connects Pepperdine alumni, parents, and friends who are committed to volunteer work and careers of service worldwide. Waves of Service assists alumni chapters by offering connections to Pepperdine constituents involved in service and supporting volunteer events.

Waves of Service Event
Any chapter event with a service component. Usually, these fall into the following categories: service project events (e.g. Step Forward Day, Habitat for Humanity, etc.), chapters events with a Waves of Service component (e.g. Freely Give), and service recognition events (i.e. Waves of Service award).

Waves Work
Quarterly conference call workshops to provide training for all Chapter leaders.

Welcome Home Party
An event to celebrate the return home of current and graduating students in a region.

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