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2006 - 2008: Building a Vision

The first two years of the ALC focused on creating a sustainable infrastructure and completing the following objectives:

  1. Developing trust within the alumni community
  2. Fostering affinity for the University, and;
  3. Providing alumni with the opportunity for lifelong engagement.

At the end of 2007, the Council provided a set of 18 recommendations to set forth a foundation for improving alumni relations. These recommendations have since been integrated into the Alumni Association's five-year strategic plan. Members of the ALC were then called upon by President Benton to dream beyond that which seemed impossible – to assist the University with the transformation of how we do business with alumni – "to soar."

A series of 12 alumni visioning sessions were held in nine cities throughout the spring of 2008.  The visioning results greatly influenced the direction of Alumni Affairs. Leading up to the University's 75th anniversary in 2012, the ALC will be guided by its "Areas of Focus."

2008 - 2010: Moving the Vision Forward

The next formative years, the council focused on engaging alumni through service. In President Benton's words, "The Pepperdine University Alumni Association shall be known for the strength and vitality of its global community, mobilized to support our students, assist one another, serve the University, and impact the world through lifelong service and leadership."  Waves of Service was in its early stages of development and would become thee cornerstone upon which all future activities of the Alumni Association would be built.

2011 - 2014: Engaging the Community

The vision of the ALC through the next several years is to engage a vibrant, productive community of alumni who are living the mission of Pepperdine. This will be accomplished by promoting a shared vision for alumni leadership groups and the University. In this vision, alumni are connected to one another and Pepperdine through the following:

  • Supporting "Blue and Orange" by attending events;
  • Giving habitually, demonstrating ownership of alma mater;
  • Making memories by connecting at networking, service, and signature events;
  • Advancing careers of students and alumni through Waves Hiring Waves; and
  • Mentoring each other at all stages.