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Send From with Gmail

Step One: Enable your Alumni Email Forwarding

  1. Hit the Email Forwarding tab under Online Services
  2. Check the box to enable your Alumni Email Forwarding service
  3. Enter a custom name such as ""
  4. Enter your email address where mail should be forwarded (ex.
  5. Click Submit

Step Two: Send email from your address

  1. Sign in to Gmail
  2. Click Settings and select the Accounts and Import tab
  3. Under “Send mail as”, click Send mail from another address
  4. Under “Enter information about your other email address”, enter your Name and alumni forwarding e-mail address (
  5. Click Next Step >>
  6. Choose: Send through Gmail
  7. Click Next Step >> and then click Send Verification. Gmail will send a verification message to your email address to confirm that you own it
  8. You will receive the verification email in your Gmail inbox*

    *This may take several hours to receive
  9. Click the link in the message Gmail sent or enter the confirmation code in the “Accounts” section of your Gmail settings and click Verify

Step Three: Send Mail

  • To use a verified custom “From:” address when composing a new message, pick an address from the drop-down menu in the “From:” field
  • If you're replying or forwarding, click Change next to the “From:” field first
  • You can also choose to automatically use the address to which a message was sent in Settings

For personalized help, please contact the Pepperdine University Alumni Office at (310) 506-6190 or .