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Forwarding Instructions for windows live hotmail

Step One: Create your alumni e-mail address

  1. Go to Email Forwarding for Life
  2. Log In with your User Name and Password. Click Submit.
  3. Check the Email Forwarding for Life box to enable your account
  4. Choose your email name for
  5. Enter email address where mail will be forwarded (this is your current Live, MSN, or Hotmail account)
  6. Click Submit.

Step Two: Send email from your address

  1. Sign in to the Windows Live Hotmail.
  2. Open your Inbox by clicking Mail.
  3. On the Action bar at the top left of the page, click New.
  4. Next to the “From” box, click the arrow, and then click your alumni forwarding email address (
  5. Complete your email message, and then click Send.
  • When you send mail from a different address in Windows Live Hotmail, the e-mail recipient may receive information that's similar to the following: "From: ‘your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail address' on behalf of"

For personalized help, please contact the Pepperdine University Alumni Office at (310) 506-6190 or .