Pepperdine University 2003 Annual Report A Heritage of Faith
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Pepperdine Leadership
Advancing the Heritage: Board of Regents

Board of Regents
fourth row (standing from left to right): Sheila K. Bost, George Foreman,
Jerry S. Cox, Michael T. Okabayashi, Jose A. Collazo, B. Joseph Rokus
third row (standing from left to right): John D. Katch, Rosa Mercado Spivey,
Matthew K. Fong, Russell L. Ray, James R. Porter, Robert L. Walker,
Travis E. Reed, Robert G. Jackson, Gail E. Hopkins
second row (standing from left to right): Glen A. Holden, Linda M. Gage,
Janice R. Brown, Hari N. Harilela, Susan F. Rice, Edwin L. Biggers, Carol Richards,
Thomas P. Kemp, Andrew K. Benton
front row (seated from left to right): Arthur G. Linkletter, Rosemary Raitt,
Helen M. Young, Charles B. Runnels, Thomas J. Trimble, Marilyn D. Simpson,
Virginia B. Braun, W. L. Fletcher III


Pepperdine University Board of Regents 2003-2004

Thomas J. Trimble
Senior Vice President/General Counsel and Corporate Secretary (Retired)
Southwest Gas Corporation

Thomas P. Kemp
Vice Chairman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
of Los Angeles

James R. Porter
Vice Chairman
Porter Capital Partners

John D. Katch
Regional Manager
Public Affairs (Retired)
Southern California
Edison Company

Susan F. Rice
Assistant Secretary
SFR Consulting

William S. Banowsky
President Emeritus
Pepperdine University

Andrew K. Benton
Pepperdine University

Edwin L. Biggers
President (Retired)
Hughes Missile Group

Sheila K. Bost
Certified Family Life Educator
Primary Relationships

Virginia B. Braun

Janice R. Brown
Associate Justice
California Supreme Court

Jose A. Collazo
Chairman of the Board, President,
and Chief Executive Officer
Infonet Services Corporation

Jerry S. Cox
Cox & Perkins Exploration, Inc.

W. L. Fletcher III
Park Centre Properties, LLC

Matthew K. Fong
Strategic Advisory Group

George Foreman

Lynn C. Fritz
Director General
Fritz Institute

Linda M. Gage

Terry M. Giles
Giles Enterprises

Hari N. Harilela
The Harilela Group

Glen A. Holden
United States Ambassador (Retired)

Gail E. Hopkins
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Gerald A. Isom
President (Retired)
CIGNA Property & Casualty

Robert G. Jackson
President (Retired)
Ford Motor Land Development Corporation

Arthur G. Linkletter
Linkletter Enterprises

Michael Okabayashi
Ernst & Young

Rosemary Raitt
General Partner
KVI Corporation and FKC

Russell L. Ray, Jr.
Chairman, Executive Committee
World Airways, Inc.

Travis E. Reed
Reed Investment Corporation

Carol Richards

Frederick L. Ricker
Vice President and Program Director
Northrop Grumman Space Technology

B. Joseph Rokus
Berkley Industries

Charles B. Runnels
Pepperdine University

Marilyn D. Simpson
Rosa Mercado Spivey
Los Angeles Unified
School District

William W. Stevens
Chairman of the Board (Retired)
Triad Systems Corporation

William H. Swanson
Chief Executive Officer and President
Raytheon Company

Robert L. Walker
Vice President for Development
Texas A&M University

Edward V. Yang
and Chief Executive Officer
Spectrum Asia Pacific Ltd.

Life Regents

Joe R. Barnett

Evelyn L. Clark

Lodwrick M. Cook

Robert R. Dockson

Gerald R. Ford

Jerry E. Hudson

Jerve M. Jones

Donald V. Miller

Richard M. Scaife

Flora Laney Thornton

Alton C. Watson

William R. Waugh

J. McDonald Williams

Helen M. Young