Pepperdine University 2003 Annual Report A Heritage of Faith
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George PepperdineI am grateful for our free country and our forefathers of Colonial Days who framed the Constitution of the United States, which I believe is the greatest document ever written (except the Bible). It recognizes our God-given right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and it undertakes to protect us in the exercise of such rights by laws made pursuant to the Constitution; and I am also grateful to the stalwart Americans who have defended and protected the Constitution through all the life of the Republic.

George Pepperdine, c. 1961

We believe that the source of any goodness in our nation is
not human philosophy or rationalism, but rather is the God of truth and goodness. That is the basis for our understanding of education. And if those values are stripped away, Pepperdine becomes merely a directionless university wandering in the wilderness of relativism.

Andrew K. Benton, 2003