Pepperdine University 2003 Annual Report A Heritage of Faith
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The Year in Review
The Heritage Continues: Drescher Campus

Perhaps the highlight of the year for Pepperdine University was the completion, ahead of schedule, of the Drescher Graduate Campus, which opened for classes in August 2003. Entering and returning students found state-of-the-art classrooms and bright new facilities to greet them in the fall, along with stunning seascapes and dramatic landscapes. The campus features balconies, plazas, dining facilities, and beautiful open spaces, framed by giant palm trees, planters, boulders, and special paving appointments. This is the largest build-out of the original campus master plan since the central Seaver College campus was constructed in 1971-72.

Graziadio School of Business and Management School of Public Policy Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Drescher Campus
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The Drescher Graduate Campus comprises 50.4 acres and boasts 96,000 square feet of facility space. The campus includes residences for 300 married and graduate students and 56 faculty-staff residences. A parking structure and parking lots accommodate 560 vehicles on the new campus. The campus was designed by the architectural firm of Neptune Thomas Davis.

Several major facilities are included in the academic complex. The Beckman Management Center houses the Graziadio School of Business and Management. The Braun Center houses the School of Public Policy. And a center that will be named in honor of Norvel and Helen Young houses the Graduate School of Education and Psychology and the Center for the Family. In addition, the George L. Graziadio Executive Center, with fifty guest rooms, conference rooms, and dining room, is now ready to meet the conference needs of various corporate groups and academic activities. Finally, a building housing the library and the Learning Technology Center provides important support facilities for the campus.