Leading the Community

A talented and dedicated team of administrators leads Pepperdine in its daily operations and in its dreams for tomorrow. Each member of the team is a hard-working visionary who is personally committed to the University's mission and to the heritage bequeathed to us by Mr. George Pepperdine.

Andrew K. Benton, President

Andrew K. Benton, president, is the chief executive officer of the University, with all other administrators reporting directly or indirectly to him. He, in turn, reports to the University's dedicated Board of Regents. Taking office in June 2000, President Benton is now in his fifth year as CEO.

Charles B. Runnels, Chancellor

Charles B. Runnels, chancellor, is the senior "friend-raiser," in addition to offering counsel to the president. His success at Pepperdine for more than thirty-five years, helping the University reach its advancement goals, can be traced to his love for students and unswerving support of the mission.


Administration Team: Darryl L. Tippens, Gary A. Hanson, Nancy Magnusson Durham and Charles J. Pippin Darryl L. Tippens, Gary A. Hanson, Nancy Magnusson Durham, Charles J. Pippin

Darryl L. Tippens, provost, is the University's chief academic officer. As such, the deans of all five schools report directly to him. A highly regarded scholar, author, and essayist, he has a long and distinguished career in higher education. He came to Pepperdine as provost in 2001.

Gary A. Hanson, vice president and general counsel, oversees the external relations, regulatory affairs, risk management and insurance, and equal employment opportunity operations of the University, in addition to his duties as senior legal counsel. He has served as general counsel for twenty years.

Nancy Magnusson Durham, vice president for Planning, Information, and Technology, served as a professor and administrator at Seaver College and also as dean of GSEP. With the University for twenty-five years, she now heads up the crucial areas of strategic planning and information management.

Charles J. (Jeff) Pippin, vice president for Finance and Administration, is chief financial officer, as well as leading many of the University's administrative functions. Responsible for Pepperdine's endowment and well-performing investments, he has been with the University for more than twenty years.


Deans: top row (left to right): Kenneth W. Starr, W. David Baird, Margaret J. Weber front row (left to right): Linda A. Livingstone, James R. Wilburntop row (left to right): Kenneth W. Starr, W. David Baird, Margaret J. Weber
front row (left to right): Linda A. Livingstone, James R. Wilburn

Kenneth W. Starr, dean of the School of Law, took office in August 2004. Judge Starr is an author and constitutional scholar who served in several governmental posts, including U.S. Solicitor General, in which he argued twenty-five cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He also has experience in private practice.

W. David Baird, dean of Seaver College, previously served as chair of the Humanities and Teacher Education Division at the college. With the University since 1988, he is an honored author and Native American expert and a former Fulbright Senior Lecturer in New Zealand. He became dean in 1998.

Margaret J. Weber, dean of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, for several years served as associate dean of research and graduate studies at Oklahoma State University's College of Human and Environmental Sciences. She has effectively led GSEP as dean for three years.

Linda A. Livingstone, dean of the Graziadio School of Business and Management, was previously associate dean for graduate programs at the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University, responsible for eleven full-time graduate programs. She has led the Graziadio School for the past two years.

James R. Wilburn, dean of the relatively new School of Public Policy, previously served as dean of the Graziadio School for twelve years. With Pepperdine for nearly thirty-five years, he has served in the classroom and in several important administrative posts, including vice president for University Affairs.