Senior Administration

Charles B. Runnels and Andrew K. Benton

Charles B. Runnels


Chancellor Runnels has been sharing the dreams of Pepperdine University for more than 39 years. Taking his great love for students, he seeks out those willing to partner with Pepperdine and make the school’s dreams become reality. Chancellor Runnels continues this important work by offering counsel to President Benton in the area of advancement. The chancellor also directs a program he founded 28 years ago, the Youth Citizenship Seminar, which inspires high school students to make a personal contribution to America’s future.

Andrew K. Benton

President and Chief Executive Officer

President Benton directs his management team with leadership skills built on a career in higher education. The president has served in several key leadership roles at Pepperdine over the past 21 years, the last five as president. Though he planned for a career in law, Benton’s desire to work with young people in their own pursuit of higher education put him on a career path leading to his current role as the University’s seventh president. One of President Benton’s favorite activities is spending time with the students, both in the Waves Café and in the classroom as a teacher.

Darryl L. Tippens

Darryl L. Tippens


Provost Tippens earnestly promotes academic excellence and Christian values at the University. This year marks his fifth as Pepperdine’s chief academic officer. The provost continues to devote significant time to issues of academic planning, program development, and the advancement of scholarship at all five schools.

Charles J. (Jeff) Pippin

Charles J. (Jeff) Pippin

Vice President for Finance and Administration

In 1981, this certified public accountant joined the Pepperdine staff and subsequently earned his MBA from Pepperdine’s business school. Pippin is the University’s chief financial officer with broad responsibilities including financial planning and operations, investment, debt and treasury management, new construction, campus planning and facility operations, special programs, educational centers operations, business services, human resources, and public safety.

Gary A. Hanson

Gary A. Hanson

Vice President and General Counsel

Hanson’s original connection with Pepperdine as a School of Law graduate has multiplied since joining the staff over 23 years ago. As the University’s chief legal officer, Hanson oversees the governmental affairs of the University as well as the regulatory issues, risk management, insurance, and equal employment opportunity operations.

Nancy Magnusson Durham

Nancy Magnusson Durham

Vice President for Planning,
Information, and Technology

Professor, administrator, graduate school dean, and director of the London programs are all positions that Magnusson Durham has filled since she first came to Pepperdine in 1979. She continues as a leader by directing the University’s critical areas of strategic planning and information management.

The Deans of Pepperdine University

James R. Wilburn

Dean, School of Public Policy

Dean Wilburn’s 35 years with Pepperdine University began with the Malibu campus planning team. Earning his MBA from Pepperdine’s Presidential/Key Executive program, he has held several positions at the University including professor, provost, vice president, and dean of the business school. With extensive experience in public policy, Dean Wilburn is an expert on American history, business strategy, corporate governance, and Russian reform. As an author, he has penned several books on American history, business management, and leadership.

Kenneth W. Starr

Dean, School of Law

With the end of fiscal year 2005, Dean Starr completed his first full year as a law school dean. An attorney who specializes in appellate work, Dean Starr is a constitutional scholar and author. He is internationally known for his service in several governmental posts including counselor to U.S. Attorney General William French Smith; U.S. Court of Appeals judge, D.C. Circuit; and solicitor general of the United States.

W. David Baird

Dean, Seaver College

This Howard A. White Professor of History continues to teach and is an honored author and expert on Native Americans, the American West, the history of Oklahoma, and the Churches of Christ in Oklahoma. In his 17 years at Pepperdine, Dean Baird has been chair of the Humanities and Teacher Education Division, Fulbright Senior Lecturer in New Zealand, visiting professor for the Heidelberg program, and the undergraduate school’s dean since 1998.

Linda A. Livingstone

Dean, Graziadio School o fBusiness and Management

Dean Livingstone was chosen to be the first woman dean of the Graziadio School in 2002. She has extensive experience as a business school administrator, award-winning teacher, and author of business textbooks and numerous scholarly articles for business journals. Building on the school’s mission to develop values-centered leaders for contemporary business practice, Dean Livingstone continues to strengthen the Graziadio School’s ties with the business community.

Margaret J. Weber

Dean, Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Selected in 2001 to direct the Graduate School, Dean Weber has had a career in research, teaching, and university administration. She is an expert on the socialization of graduate students, and faculty development – just two of many topics that Dean Weber has covered in published articles. She is an administrator and strong advocate of the scholar-practitioner model of learning which educates students in theory as well as practical application.