Message from the Chairman

Edwin L. Biggers, Chairman of Board of Regents

It hardly seems possible that five years have passed since Andrew K. Benton was inaugurated as Pepperdine’s seventh president. During that time, the Pepperdine community has celebrated several extraordinary accomplishments, strengthening the University in every area of academic and student life.

President Benton has quietly and confidently led his administrative team in advancing each of the goals he articulated in his inaugural address: financial resources, diversity, strengthening Pepperdine’s heritage of faith, fostering a sense of community, and, leading the University’s quest for enhanced scholarship and culture.

While all the initiatives have been pursued on multiple fronts, we have emphasized them individually on an annual basis.

"There is a sense in which the University and the public have come to expect great things from Pepperdine..."

This past year we focused on the subject of scholarship and culture. In reality, the entire University has always worked tirelessly to improve scholarship and culture—building the faculty, supporting research and writing, and giving our students an educational experience that could only be had at Pepperdine, a place where concern for mind, body, and spirit is a defining characteristic.

There is a sense in which the University and the public have come to expect great things from Pepperdine and these past five years have fulfilled those high expectations. In this report you will read about many of the advancements that have been made by this truly blessed institution.

I count it an honor to be affiliated with Pepperdine and an even greater honor to serve as chairman of such a distinguished Board of Regents. The Pepperdine Regents are people who accept the challenges and responsibilities of supporting the University in “reaching up, reaching beyond, always pressing forward,” in the words of President Benton. My congratulations go to the fine faculty, the faithful staff, and the talented leadership team assembled by the president, as well as the many alumni and friends of the University who have joined hands to bring about another record year for Pepperdine.

Signature of Edwin L. Biggers

Edwin L. Biggers
Chairman, Board of Regents