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Pepperdine's Alumni Park with a field of red flowers.

"Reaching up, reaching beyond, always pressing forward: this is the passion of the human spirit."
—Andrew K. Benton, April 12, 2005

Our 2005 Annual Report is themed, "Celebrating the Human Spirit." On this page, we are pleased to spotlight several students, faculty, staff, and generous donors whose lives exemplify our theme. The first is Helen Young.

Helen Young


Helen Young, a University Life Regent, graduated in 1939 from George Pepperdine College's second graduating class. Wife of the late M. Norvel Young, she has served the University community for more than 50 years. The Youngs' love, devotion, and sacrifice for the school was recognized in October 2005 with the dedication of the M. Norvel and Helen M. Young Center on the Drescher Graduate Campus. The Young Center is home to the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and Pepperdine's Center for the Family.

E. Chadwick Mooney

E. Chadwick MOONEY

E. Chadwick Mooney is a Pepperdine Life Associate and University Board member. Mooney's love for golf and for the University has resulted in his endowment of an annual athletic scholarship for one of Pepperdine's golf scholar-athletes. This is one of many opportunities taken by this director of investments in his consistent support of charitable and philanthropic causes.

Leon Dixson


Leon Dixson is drawn to leadership, having served as Seaver College’s Student Government Association class senator as a sophomore, class president during his junior year, and student body president in his senior year. The business administration major also studied abroad with Pepperdine’s Heidelberg and Florence prgrams. After graduating in April, he plans to volunteer or work in the legal field before going to law school.

Kari Filerman


Pepperdine graduate student Kari Filerman of Agoura Hills has been awarded a Fulbright scholarship to work in Mexico on U.S. acquisitions to gain a higher share in the Hispanic banking market. Filerman was selected on the basis of her academic and professional achievement, as well as for having demonstrated leadership potential in business management.

Terry Schroeder


Terry Schroeder has known success as a member of Pepperdine's water polo team, as the team's coach for 20 years, and as a licensed chiropractor. As a competitive water polo player, Schroeder played on four U.S. Olympic teams, including three times as team captain—winning the Silver Medal twice.

Daniel A. Rodriguez


Daniel A. Rodriguez has an annual teaching assignment that takes Seaver College students on an “Urban Plunge.” The spiritual discernment weekend retreat, spent at an urban rescue mission, homeless shelter, or rehabilitation home, is designed to prompt serious vocation questions about serving the dispossessed, homeless, and poor in the name of Christ. Rodriguez, a Fuller Theological Seminary graduate, is an associate professor of missions at Pepperdine.

Sharon M. Clarke

Sharon M. CLARKE

Sharon M. Clarke loves two aspects about teaching: meeting with students during office visits, and making math fun for them. An assistant professor in the Natural Science Division since 2003, Clarke was instrumental in organizing the Spring 2005 "Who Wants to be A Mathematician?" competition for area high school students, sponsored by the American Mathematical Society.

Eugene P. Kim

Eugene P. KIM

Eugene P. Kim is an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology. His professional achievements range from international social/educational research to coordinating a community-based professional development school to founding an educational outreach to homeless and welfare families in Hollywood.

Tari Rokus


Tari Rokus, a member of the Seaver Board of Visitors, is as dedicated to Pepperdine today as she was when she came to Seaver College as a freshman in 1973. She and her husband, Joe, graduated in 1976, and two of their children are currently enrolled at Pepperdine. In May of 2004, Tari and Joe were honored with the Al Duer Award for their support of Pepperdine athletics.

Neil Clark Warren

Neil Clark WARREN

Neil Clark Warren graduated from George Pepperdine College in 1956. Fond memories of those youthful college days include falling in love with a beautiful coed, Marylyn, whom he married. As a psychologist, Warren spent 35 years conducting private counseling, research, and public speaking before founding the fast-growing online relationship service,

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