Katie Chang

Katie Chang

Katie Chang's journey began in Hawaii, where as a triplet, she grew up with an identical twin sister and a fraternal twin brother. Searching for her own unique path, she was drawn to Seaver College for its distinctive blend of academic excellence and Christian faith. "The opportunity to attend Pepperdine sort of fell into my lap when I wasn't expecting it," Katie remembers. "It's amazing what doors God will open when you put your faith in him."

As a junior, Katie added history to her Asian studies major. She met with history professor Darlene Rivas who offered immediate help. "She was very encouraging," Katie recalls. "She volunteered to teach a directed studies course just for me so I could catch up on the course work."

Katie and Darlene struck up a friendship and have since spent many afternoons chatting about history and world affairs. "It was so exciting for me to have direct access to a professor in that way," notes Katie, now a senior.

Katie balances her school work with responsibilities as a resident advisor and as a member of the Pepperdine Ambassadors Council (PAC). "I really wanted to give back to Pepperdine since I've been so blessed by everything here. PAC gives me a way to do that."

While she hasn't nailed down a career of choice yet, she knows for sure she wants to be in a position of influence. "I want to make a difference in this world," Katie says. "I want to continue learning new things, become a world traveler, and tackle learning a foreign language."

But ultimately, Katie holds true to something Darlene taught her: "No matter what your experiences bring, it's the people in your life that you ultimately remember."