University Boards

The Board of Regents is the legal governing body and chief policy board of the University. Life Regents are recognized and honored for their extraordinary service as past regents. The University Board is a national advisory group that provides additional guidance and leadership. The University administration, working in tandem with the governing and advisory boards, shapes the direction of the University. The guidance provided by these distinguished and committed men
and women is greatly valued.


Edwin L. Biggers
President (Retired)
Hughes Missile Group

Robert G. Jackson
Vice Chair
President (Retired)
Ford Motor Land Development

Susan F. Rice
SFR Consulting

Frederick L. Ricker
Assistant Secretary
Sector Vice President
Northrup Grumman Space Technology

William S. Banowsky
President Emeritus
Pepperdine University

Andrew K. Benton
Pepperdine University

Sheila K. Bost
Certified Family Life Education
Primary Relationships
Marriage & Family Intern, Private Practice

Virginia B. Braun

Charles L. Branch
Neurological Surgeon

Janice R. Brown
Circuit Court Judge
United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

T. Michael Bucchi
Retired Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy

Jose A. Collazo
Products and Partners
BT Global Services

Jerry S. Cox
Cox & Perkins Exploration, Inc.

W. L. Fletcher III
Park Centre Properties, LLC

Matthew K. Fong
Strategic Advisory Group

Linda M. Gage

Terry M. Giles
Giles Enterprises

Glen A. Holden
United States Ambassador (Retired)

Gail E. Hopkins
Orthopaedic Surgeon

John D. Katch
Regional Manager, Public Affairs (Retired)
Southern California Edison Company


Arthur G. Linkletter
Linkletter Enterprises

Eff W. Martin
Managing Director (Retired)
Goldman Sachs & Company

Michael T. Okabayashi
Ernst & Young

Timothy C. Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
Phillips and Company

James R. Porter
Porter Capital Partners

Rosemary Raitt
General Partner
KVI Corporation and FKC

Russell L. Ray, Jr.
Airline and Aerospace Companies
Executive (Retired)
Chair, Exeltech Corporation
Chair, THA Foundation

Travis E. Reed
Reed Investment Corporation

Carol Richards

B. Joseph Rokus
Packaging Plus

Charles B. Runnels
Chancellor Emeritus
Pepperdine University

Rosa Mercado Spivey

William W. Stevens
Chair (Retired)
Triad Systems Corporation

Stephen M. Stewart
Stewart Brothers Drilling Company

William H. Swanson
Chair and CEO
Raytheon Company

Augustus Tagliaferri
Chair, President
Financial Structures, Inc.

Thomas J. Trimble
Senior Vice President/General Counsel and Corporate Secretary (Retired)
Southwest Gas Corporation

Robert L. Walker
Senior Executive for Development
Texas A&M University

Marylyn M. Warren
Senior Vice President (Retired)

Edward V. Yang
Cross Shore Acquisition Corporation


Joe R. Barnett
Lodwrick M. Cook
Robert R. Dockson
Hari N. Harilela
Jerry E. Hudson
Jerve M. Jones
Richard M. Scaife
Flora Laney Thornton
William R. Waugh
J. McDonald Williams
Helen M. Young

Pat Boone Chair
Robert Barbera
Thomas J. Barrack, Jr.
William W. Beazley
Paul F. Bennett
Andrew K. Benton
A. Ronald Berryman
John S. Broome
Viggo Butler
Rod Campbell
Robert M. Davidson
Edmond R. Davis
K. Duane Denney
Robert E. Dudley (Bob)
Maureen Duffy-Lewis
Mark W. Dundee
David G. Elmore
Shirley Reid Frahm
Hank Frazee
G. Louis Graziadio III
Bart M. Hackley, Jr.
Mary Heckmann
Bruce Herschensohn
Thomas E. Higgins
Robert W. P. Holstrom
William T. Huston
Carl J. Lambert
Stephen Lehman
John T. Lewis
Ian R. Linde
Muriel Lipsey
Jim Long
Seiji Masuda
Gregory R. McClintock
Carl Minton
E. Chadwick Mooney
Velma V. Morrison
William S. Mortensen
Kenneth Mosbey
Aaron Norris
Stephen E. Olson
Terry Hamilton Quimby
John D. Ratzenberger
Kelly Roberts
Charles B. Runnels
Margaret Sheppard
Eric Small
Richard L. Stack
William G. Stephens
Dorothy B. Straus
Terralynn Walters Swift
Charles H. Taylor
George Thomas
Robert A. Virtue
Ellen Weitman
Larry L. Westfall
Jeremy N. White
Gary L. Wilcox