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Edwin L. BiggersEdwin L. Biggers

With student, faculty, and alumni output as our measure, Pepperdine just completed a very successful year. Our students are performing at high levels in the arts, sciences, communications, athletics, business, education, and the law. Faculty members from each of our schools are producing quality scholarly work and adding to the body of knowledge. We see evidence through our alumni that a Pepperdine education is preparing students to make meaningful contributions in their communities.

Through the hard work and sacrifice of faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and friends, the world is being positively changed one student at a time. Pepperdine faculty mentors reach well beyond the classroom to support students in their educational journey. They provide an education that serves the whole student—mind, body, and soul. The administration and staff work tirelessly to provide the systems and structure that keep our students productive, happy, and safe. Alumni reach out to offer advice and to hire Waves who are looking to get a jumpstart in this competitive world. Our friends and donors share their wisdom and their wealth to make sure our students have the resources they need to complete their education. Together, this community unites to nurture, discipline, train, educate, encourage, and support each Pepperdine student.

Though the mission of Pepperdine is presented in our official written materials, it is most evident in the moments of everyday life. When a student group volunteers at the Union Rescue Mission or a professor offers extra guidance to a struggling student, the mission shines most brightly. When an alumnus mentors a student job seeker or a counselor takes an extra step to secure an internship, the mission reveals itself more clearly. It can be seen in weekly chapel or on the court of competition. It is found in a classroom in West Los Angeles and in the dorms in Lausanne.

As you review this annual report and discover some of the hidden moments in the daily life of this University, I hope you will see the strength of our mission. This past year I have had numerous opportunities to visit with students and the parents of current and former students. Without exception they were all thankful for the Pepperdine experience. They were most grateful for the academic and spiritual impact that was made in their lives by Pepperdine.

I hope that this annual report will provide you with a fair appraisal of Pepperdine’s current financial standing at the close of the fiscal year ending July 31, 2010. It has been a difficult year, especially for faculty and staff who have risen to meet the challenge of reducing expenses to keep tuition increases as low as possible. Even so, I believe that the presentation of activities and financial statements will demonstrate that Pepperdine accomplished much last year with fewer resources.

In the face of a fragile economic environment, we are confident that President Benton’s team will continue to conservatively manage the University’s resources with cautious optimism as they have during the difficult period beginning in 2008. We expect them to continue to manage carefully while firmly positioning Pepperdine for success in the future.

As we turn the calendar, we anticipate that 2011 will open new doors of opportunity for Pepperdine. We will begin a yearlong commemoration of our 75th Anniversary, celebrating the University’s journey to count among the finest universities in the world. We will continue to stride boldly forward, and welcome another year at Pepperdine with hope and gratitude.

Edwin L. Biggers

Edwin L. Biggers