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Associated Women for Pepperdine

Giving Opportunities

In keeping with Pepperdine's motto, freely ye received, freely give, the AWP hopes that you will join others in making a donation to the organization.  It is realized that many students are burdened with student loans.  Any size and type of gift is appreciated.  Donations to the AWP ensure that debt is greatly reduced for students from the Churches of Christ.

How Can I Make a Gift?

You may make a gift by sending your check, made payable to the Associated Women for Pepperdine, to:

Pepperdine University
Associated Women for Pepperdine
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263-4567

Or, you can make a gift by Credit Card. Using your credit card, simply fill out the credit card information form. Your gift will be processed in our secure commercial environment and a gift receipt will be sent to you by mail.

Giving Levels

  • Annual Membership
    $50 general membership, $50 AWP Fellows (men only), $10 student membership
  • Life Membership
    $250 (can be paid with a $50 contribution for five consecutive year)
  • Patron Membership
    $500 (can be upgraded from Life by paying $250, or in five annual donations of $50.
  • Helen Pepperdine Member / George Pepperdine Fellow
    $1,000 (can be upgraded from Patron by paying $500, or on a payment schedule)
  • Helen Young Member / M. Norvel Young Member
    $5,000 (Payment schedule can be upgraded from Helen Pepperdine by paying $4,000)
  • Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund
    A one-time contribution of $1,000 to the Endowment Fund qualifies you for a Helen Pepperdine membership and participation in the Pepperdine Associates Program for that year. Further contributions of $1,000 can be applied toward the Helen M. Young membership, on the M. Norvel Young Fellow and the annual Associates program.

Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund

This fund is independent of the Scholarship Fund; scholarship funds are distributed annually. The Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund is a permanent, perpetual fund. Money donated is invested and only the interest accrued is used for scholarships. By putting the Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund in your will, you will be assured the money will always be there earning dollars for student scholarships.

Memorial gifts go into the Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund. Helen Pepperdine and Helen M. Young membership donations may be applied to the Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund as well.

Types of Gifts

  • Cash, Check, or Charge
    Making a gift of cash, check, or charge is the most common way a person can support the AWP.
  • Securities
    Gifts of stocks and bonds can offer special charitable opportunities for donors. However, prospective donors should consult with professional advisors and University staff before making such gifts.
  • Real Estate
    Gifts of property are accepted, provided they comply with the real estate policy of the University.
  • Estate and Gift Planning
    Planned gifts can be arranged through a will, trusts, insurance, annuities, or the University’s donor-advised fund. Donors can avoid capital gains tax by the effective use of charitable gifts, while receiving a deduction for the fair market value of the contribution on the date the gift is made.
  • Gifts-in-Kind
    A donor might consider a gift-in-kind, such as artwork, books, furnishings, etc. provided they comply with University policies.