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Associated Women for Pepperdine


Becoming an AWP Member

AWP looks to tomorrow with great hope and expectation. The need is greater than ever with rising educational costs. We invite you to become a member, along with the other 1,500 dedicated women and men with a common goal of helping Christian young people who seek to take advantage of Pepperdine's superior training.

Scholarships are given to both men and women students. In 2001, interest was generated in providing membership to men. Since that time, our Fellow membership has grown considerably.

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Membership Levels


Annual membership $50
Fellow membership (Men only) $50
Student membership $10


Join the Golden Circle by contributing $100 annually to the Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund and receive your Golden Circle pin!


Life Member $250 - Can be paid with a $50 contribution for five consecutive years.

Patron Member $500 - Can be upgraded from a Life Member by paying $250 or payable in five annual payments of $50.

* Helen Pepperdine Member $1,000 - Can be upgraded from a Patron member by paying $500 or on a payment schedule.

* George Pepperdine Fellow $1,000 - (Men only) Can be upgraded from a Patron member by paying $500 or on a payment schedule.

* Helen M. Young Member $5,000 - Can be upgraded from a Helen Pepperdine Member by paying $4,000 or on a payment schedule.

* M. Norvel Young Member $5,000 - Can be upgraded from a George Pepperdine Fellow by paying $500 or on a payment schedule.

* These membership dues may be applied to the Evelyn Clark AWP Endowment Fund, ensuring scholarships for students of the church of Christ for years to come.


Conferred in recognition of outstanding and distinguished service to Christian education.


Our Chapters are the lifeblood of our organization. Where would we be without these tireless and devoted women and men raising the resource money for all the needful and deserving students from the Churches of Christ?

At present, we have 36 Districts representing 1,800 members in the following cities/areas:

Region District
Bakersfield 12
Central Los Angeles 6
Central Region 8
Conejo/San Fernando Valley 7
Desert Region 26
East Bay Area 19
Fresno 20
Glendale/Pasadena 9
Lancaster 13
Long Beach 3
Malibu/Culver City 36
Mid Coast Region 29
North Central 15
North Central Region 25
North Central Region II 27
North Coast Region 28
Orange County 1
Oxnard, Santa Paula, Ventura 11
Palm Springs Area 34
Phoenix Area 31
Riverside 16
Sacramento 23
San Diego 18
San Joaquin Valley 10
Santa Cruz Area 24
Silicon Valley 21
South Coast Region 35
Southern California Coast 5
Temecula Valley 14
Tucson Area 30
Visalia Area 33
Whittier/La Habra 2
Yucaipa 4
At Large Members 50

Starting a New District or Reactivating an Inactive District

Anyone who starts a new district or activates an inactive district will be given a complimentary Life Membership. The new or reactivated district must have 5 active board members and do one fund-raising project annually for 3 continuous years. At that time, the person who was the catalyst for the new/reactivated district will be upgraded to Life Membership.