Case for Support

From the Chair, Board of Regents

Edwin L. Biggers

It has been a privilege to visit with literally thousands of students, parents, and even grandparents during my almost 35 years with Pepperdine as fan, parent, and board member. All express sincere gratitude for the impact that Pepperdine has had on their lives—far beyond, many say, what they expected or even imagined.

Pepperdine is indeed a very beautiful place, but its most beautiful aspect cannot be seen with the eyes. There is an intangible quality within the hearts and minds of faculty, staff, and all who believe in the potential of our students. Together, we promise an incomparable student experience, and it is that commitment that fuels the Campaign for Pepperdine.

The ambitious goals presented on these pages are championed by the University's 40-member Board of Regents. Continually striving to improve the ways in which we prepare students for life and for leadership demands new resources and facilities to make our mission possible. Clearly, these critical assets can only be realized through the confidence and investment of people like you who will help us fund the future of this extraordinary institution. Our focus is on excellence in every aspect of the student experience: academic, spiritual, residential, social, and recreational. The Campaign for Pepperdine aspires to do nothing less than change lives.

On behalf of my fellow regents, I invite you to join us in this momentous campaign. Do your part to impact the world through our students. Discover the immense joy that I do as a participant in the life-changing education that is Pepperdine.

Edwin L. Biggers Signature

Edwin L. Biggers
Chair, Board of Regents