Center for Entertainment, Media, and Culture

Campaign Goal: $10 million

As technology advances, so does the spectrum of careers for students pursuing film, television, advertising, public relations, marketing, and new media. The new buzzword for professionals in these fields: "creatives." These individuals combine instinctive talent and learned skill to create content for diverse media outlets—TV, film, Internet, and beyond.

In today's competitive marketplace, the ethical is often bypassed for the practical. "Creatives" may sacrifice integrity to raise the profit margin. George Pepperdine hoped his college would prepare moral individuals to lead mainstream industries—proving that a business can be both profitable and honest. His hope is manifest today in our dreams for every student.

Steadfast to the University's mission, the Center for Entertainment, Media, and Culture seeks to raise up entertainment professionals dedicated to telling stories with purpose, leading with integrity, and serving others. Embracing five undergraduate majors and a master's degree in screenwriting, this Seaver College center has the capacity to make a difference in the industry. Incorporating the best of business and law into the curriculum, we challenge our students and graduates to realize their entrepreneurial vision in telling a different kind of story.

The University's move to Malibu in 1972 opened students' eyes to so much more than stunning ocean views. With our neighbors running major networks and studios, the Malibu campus resides at the threshold of global storytelling—placing students in prime positions to tap the wisdom of creative leaders in entertainment and media. Industry giants like Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty), Don Ohlmeyer (NBC), and Randall Wallace (Braveheart) lead classes, lectures, and discussions, making the Center for Entertainment, Media, and Culture a rallying point for students and alumni alike. Campaign goals for the center focus on student, faculty, and program needs, ensuring that 21st-century "creatives" from Pepperdine combine masterful content and production skills with social good.