Changing Lives: A Living Legacy

University-Wide Annual Giving, Scholarships, and Institutional Excellence Goal: $22.8 million

Pepperdine students—and their exceptional educational experience—have always been our top priority. We face the annual challenge of raising funds to increase our margin of excellence, making possible an incomparable environment for learning, living, and personal growth.

The challenge of increasing that margin is embraced each year by the University's most faithful friends, the Pepperdine Associates, who today number nearly 2,000. Their annual gifts and those of other loyal benefactors supply crucial funds for scholarships, academic priorities, research, library acquisitions, distinguished faculty, and campus needs—all of which equip the University to positively impact the life of each student.

Within our campaign goals we seek $18.8 million to meet the priority needs of our University community, $3.15 million for institution-wide student support, and $850,000 for excellence initiatives. We are grateful to our Associates and to all who express their confidence through annual giving, enabling the mission and vision of Pepperdine and the unlimited potential of our scholars.