Mullin Town Square

Campaign Goal: $51 million

Picture the venerable college green: a treelined gathering place where students sprawl and study, relax and refresh, and resort to that calming, civilized exercise: strolling. At the frenzied pace of the 21st century and certainly on a busy campus where walkways and courtyards hum with the traffic of daily life, college students and faculty long for resting places off the beaten path; pastoral spaces to socialize.

Pepperdine has taken its first bold steps to create a Town Square at the center of its Malibu campus. With pacesetting support from friends Terry and Sharon Mullin, the 2009 Phase One project transformed the fountain-centered Joslyn Plaza into a welcoming courtyard while adding much-needed classrooms to integrate academic and social venues at the heart of the undergraduate college.

Mullin Town Square

Mullin Town SquareStudents and visitors will enjoy the expansive, tree-lined park adjacent to main campus and Smothers Theatre.


Town Square OverviewPhase One provided an expanded and fully renovated Elkins Auditorium, the addition of palm
trees, greenery, and landscaped staircases, an inspirational garden with water elements, and clustered seating areas. A cherished addition to the Mullin Town Square is a bronze likeness
of George Pepperdine, seated on a fountain bench, waiting expectantly for students, faculty,
alumni, and visitors to stop and sit awhile.

Phase Two of the project envisions the true "college green." Campaign funding will create a
gateway entrance to the main campus, provide much-needed subterranean parking, and
make possible an expansive park with benches, shade trees, and gathering alcoves—
inviting students, faculty, and visitors alike to pause, at long last, on the Pepperdine green.