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Graduate School of Education and Psychology Celebrates 40 Donors, 40 Years

By Nate Ethell ('08)

GSEP Donors

Recognizing student scholarship recipients and a host of donors and friends, the Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) held its 11th annual Celebration of Excellence dinner in October. Chronicling 40 years since the 1971 founding of the School of Education, this year's dinner featured 40 of the school's donors who represent the multitudes of benefactors who have financially supported the school's students and faculty in its lifetime.

"Our donors represent so many at GSEP in their love for students and their futures," Dean Margaret Weber told the audience of almost 200. "Each has a unique story as to why they give and a special connection to the way in which they give." Together they represent a cross section of alumni, faculty, and friends who together have given nearly $4.2 million to the Graduate School.

Celebration of Excellence

Dr. Yolanda Aguerrebere
Dr. Fereshteh Amin
Drs. Hasty and Grace Arnold
Mr. John L. Baker
Ms. Rosemary W. Byers
Mr. Edwin C. Cahill
California Bank & Trust
Mrs. C. Marea Channel
Mrs. Rosemarie L. Cook-Glover
Mrs. Laurene I. Cooper
Mr. James B. Douglass
The Enrique and Lucy Garcia
Family Foundation
Dr. Shreyas Gandhi
Mr. Anthony J. Garrison-Engbrecht
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Laurel Guillen
Dr. Rosalyn S. Heyman
Dr. Thomas R. Johnstone
Dr. Mary Jo Lass
Ms. Christina N. LeRubio
Dr. Clara M. Lincoln

Ms. Carolyn S. Mayes-Taylor
Dr. Claudette S. McLinn
Dr. John F. McManus
Dr. Cary L. Mitchell
Drs. Eno and La Vera Otoyo
Mrs. Faye Pinkett
Mrs. Rebecca S. Reed
Dr. Susan F. Rice
Dr. June H. Schmieder-Ramirez
Dr. Edward P. Shafranske
Dr. Miatta R. Snetter
Ms. Anastacia M. Stanley
Mrs. Tinnie S. Taylor
Mrs. Allie E. Tegner
Union Bank
Ms. Araceli R. Vargas
Dr. William D. Walner
Dr. William J. Watkins
Mrs. Kathleen S. Wenger
Dr. Duncan S. Wigg