Four: Respect Diversity and Promote Global Understanding


Pepperdine aspires to be a microcosm of a diverse and international community. Our mission—to strengthen lives for purpose, service, and leadership—calls us to educate and serve populations and cultures from every walk of life. We intend to invest more deeply and broadly to recruit and enroll students of the world, individuals with varying cultural backgrounds, and young people from our nation's inner cities. Diversity does not simply enrich the educational endeavor; it is central to it.

Growing quietly but with dramatic impact is our wider work in the global community by students, professors, and alumni, as Pepperdine people are increasingly drawn to serve "the least of these." All five schools and in particular, our School of Law and Seaver College, are working in remote places like Rwanda and Uganda, while each year thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, and undergraduates reach out through Step Forward Day and in our weeklong Project Serve.

Partnering with the Alumni Leadership Council and honoring Mr. Pepperdine's mandate "to continue the widening waves of good citizenship and Christian influence," the University's Waves of Service movement is connecting graduates through service projects around the globe. If we are truly committed to be an institution that changes lives, we can settle for nothing less than bringing about authentic and heroic transformations.

Keyla Herrera

Pepperdine changed my life in many ways. My time spent in Indonesia interning for HOPE worldwide allowed me to give firsthand aid to the poor and work toward improving lives, something I had never had the chance to do. Throughout my time in this program I have been able to truly define my career goals and hopes, and most importantly to discover the work I really would love to do for the rest of my life.