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Campus Recreation


Team members represent Pepperdine at IHSA shows. Membership includes attendance to all meetings and social events, lessons, training, and competitions. Team members are asked to attend two lessons per week. Only members with good attendance will be asked to participate in horse shows.

Responsibilities of Team Members:
-Help in Fundraising
-Support each other at shows
-Attend social events and have fun!

Benefits of Being a Team Member:
-Weekly training
-IHSA Competitions
-Making awesome new friends who also love to ride!

Team with Willy

2012-2013 Team Roster
Adrianna Audenino, Adriana Borges, Katie Cahoon, Carrie Campbell, Laurencia Duran, Marissa Djernes, Jordan Eliasson, Ali Gardner, Sacha Irick, Dominique Leaf, Julie-Anne Malis, Mina Matsumoto, Kellen McGee, Leanne Rempell, Katie Cahoon, Jordynn Wynn