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Campus Recreation

Andrew Frierson

Surf Club

Andrew riding a wave!

What's your hometown? Houston, TX

What year are you in school? Sophomore

What is your expected graduation date? 2012

What is your Major/Minor/Emphasis? Sports Medicine

What goals do you have after college? Medical School

What club leadership position do you currently hold? President

How many years have you been playing your sport?  7 years

What do you consider your archrival school in your sport?  - USC

What is the most difficult challenge of your sport? Getting there

How/Why did you get involved in the sport? Loved windsurfing on the Texas gulf coast then gradually moved over to surfing

What is your favorite aspect of the sport? Big waves

What is your all-time favorite moment while playing for Pepperdine? - Austin Cooper pulling-in during practice

Do you have any advice you’d give to anyone interested in getting started in your sport? Search for our facebook group!