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Campus Recreation

Club Sports: Ultimate Frisbee

Pepperdine Ultimate Frisbee Club


Pepperdine fields an Ultimate Frisbee club known as the Pepperdine Fightin' Waifs.

What is a "waif" anyway? Definitions of "waif" include: a homeless child, a skinny orphan, or a small piece of driftwood floating in the ocean. Very well, but what is a "Fightin Waif?" Imagine an overly aggressive Tiny Tim, or an angry Oliver Twist with a wicked forehand. Now multiply that image times 20, and you get the Pepperdine Fightin Waifs.

Activities include weekly Friday scrimmages, weekend college tournaments, beach ultimate, and competition in LAOUT's Winter League.

For more information about the sport, visit the Ultimate Players Association website ( or the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams website (