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Playing Catch

Building Blocks (March 23, 2011)



 Spring Turnaround (April 8, 2008)

Since Spring Break the Pepperdine Women's Lacrosse team has been having a different season. The turn around began at their tournament March 14 and 15th where Pepperdine was able to score its first victory against a strong Towson University team. The following day Pepperdine again showed its new ability with a decisive victory over UC Berkeley and played a very even match against Tri-Check, a post-collegiate club program. Since the tournament, Pepperdine has won it's last three games against University of Arizona, University of San Diego and Arizona State. When asked what brought on this change coach Kate Hicks said, "I think confidence has been the major factor. Our defense is really stepping up and playing together, and our attack is finally becoming a threat from many angles." Hicks is right about the attack becoming a threat. Over the last three games six players on the Pepperdine attack, Courtney Schneck, Annie McKinley, Emily McKenzie, Alexis Padis, Sascha Reed and Jessie Heneghan have been evenly scoring and assisting. "It's really fun to watch a team try to shut down one of our attackers and then watch another attacker step up," said coach Juliet Mittlemann.

Hicks also attributes the team's success to their ability to play two even halves and finish games. "Last year I feel like we would play a strong first half and then sort of disappear the second. That has not been the case this year. If anything, these girls take the instruction and improve each half." This even play helped Pepperdine win a very close game on Sunday against Arizona State. At half-time the score was tied 7-7. After a quick talk, Pepperdine came out and improved their shooting percentage, won almost every draw and came up with defensive turnovers and saves. By the last five minutes Pepperdine was able to enjoy a comfortable 4 goal lead and finish the game 13-11. Again, Hicks does not believe last year would have seen the same outcome. "Our team has become a very smart team. Led by captains Alexis Padis and Alison Britain the girls really work together and make good decisions. I couldn't be happier about this past weekend."

"Our girls are executing and playing well. They just need to continue and we'll be successful."