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Campus Recreation

Carly Hanks

Women's Water Polo Club

Carly Hanks

What's your hometown? La Mirada, CA

What year are you in school? Senior

What is your expected graduation date? May 2010

What is your Major/Minor/Emphasis? Psychology major, Social Work Minor

What other school activities do you enjoy? Psi Chi/Psychology Club ICC Representative

What goals do you have after college? PhD in Forensic Psychology

How many years have you been involved in the leadership of your club? 2

What club leadership position do you currently hold? Vice President

How many years have you been playing your sport? 10 years

What is your team/jersey number? 2

What position do you play? Utility

What do you consider your archrival school in your sport? Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

What is the most difficult challenge of your sport? keeping in shape

How/Why did you get involved in the sport? I hurt my ankle badly so I had to do water sports. I swam for a long time and then decided I wanted to be a part of a team sport and started playing water polo. I fell in love with it and have been doing it ever since.

What is your favorite aspect of the sport? shooting

What is your all-time favorite moment while playing for Pepperdine? winning after double overtime and sudden death against USC

Do you have any advice you’d give to anyone interested in getting started in your sport? It's hard at first, but keep pushing through because it is so much fun once you get the basics done

Would you like to thank someone special for your success? Thanks to my family for making me go to swim practice when I hated it and then going to every polo game and tournament when I loved it.