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Campus Recreation

Laura Lundin

Women's Water Polo Club

Laura Lundin

What's your hometown? Tempe, AZ

What year are you in school? Senior

What is your expected graduation date? 2010

What is your Major/Minor/Emphasis? Sports Medicine; Minor: Spanish, German, Applied Math

What other school activities do you enjoy? Lifeguarding?

How many years have you been involved in the leadership of your club? 2nd year

What club leadership position do you currently hold? Vice President of Finances

How many years have you been playing your sport? 3rd year

What is your team/jersey number? 14

What do you consider your archrival school in your sport? USC

How/Why did you get involved in the sport? I swam competitively my whole life and was ready for a change. I missed the water a lot, so I thought I would give water polo a try! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

What is your favorite aspect of the sport? I love being able to just beat up on people in the water if I’ve had a bad day. Just kidding! That’s fun, but what I love most is the team atmosphere and getting to hang out by the pool!

Do you have any advice you’d give to anyone interested in getting started in your sport? It’s not as scary as it looks, and it really is a lot of fun! So my advice is, go hop in the pool and give it a try!