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Center for Faith and Learning

Student Programs and Applications

Please contact Stephanie Cupp for any questions regarding these programs and applications.

Click Here to view videos and websites from some of the past student grant and internship projects supported by the Center for Faith and Learning

Service and Social Action Grant Program

Most students come to Pepperdine with a strong record of participation in volunteer efforts while in high school. Still, they may not make the connection between their various acts of service and a response to the call of God for their lives. The Center for Faith and Learning hopes to move these students from their point of entry—whatever that point may be—to a full realization that a life of service is their Christian vocation.

Project Serve Esperanza 2013

Through the Center for Faith and Learning, the University offers direction and financial support for a variety of student-led initiatives. Examples include:

* projects that address and/or seek to alleviate poverty and hunger

* projects that address and or seek to promote peace and justice

* projects that serve the community in a variety of ways

Click Here for the 2013-14 Service and Social Action Grant Application

Click Here to view a past service grant application as an example.

Project Serve Puerto Rico 2012

Deadline for Service and Social Action Grants:
*Applications must be turned in at least one month prior to your event.
*Applications are due the 1st day of each month (the January deadline is January 6, 2014) through April 1, 2014, as long as funding remains available. The service grant committee will meet the second week of each month to make decisions on applications. You must allow at least 2 weeks for the committee to review your application and ask for possible revisions.
*A final paper is due one month after the conclusion of your event/project.

Click Here to read about last year's award winners. 

Graduate Student Service Internships

Rwanda pic ijm

The Center for Faith and Learning provides opportunities for graduate school students to undertake approved summer internships with faith-based, service-oriented organizations. The students receive stipends which allow them the opportunity for service and for exploring their own vocation in very practical ways. Students work with faculty mentors and produce papers reflecting on their experiences in the internship and its implications for their vocations.

The deadline to apply for Graduate Student Service Internship Funding has passed. Please check back in the Fall 2014 semester.

Ministry Internships

Tatiana Barrera, Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala

The Center for Faith and Learning partners with the Religion Division to offer funding for ministry-related internships for Seaver College students desiring to pursue a calling in religion/ministry. First preference for funding is given to Religion Division majors, minors and graduate students. This program allows students to test their vocational wings by participating in a ministry of the church under the direct supervision of a professional who works full-time in a church-based ministry. Pepperdine Religion professor David Lemley coordinates the intern program.

The deadline to apply for the 2013-14 Ministry Internship Funding Application has passed. Please check back in the Fall 2014 semester.

CLICK HERE to view a slideshow of the 2013 Ministry Interns

First Year Seminar Reading Assignment

The Pepperdine Center for Faith and Learning provides a reading and journal assignment to all incoming first year students to help them focus on the question of vocation. By vocation, we do not mean "career." Rather, we mean "calling."  Click here to view the First Year Student Reading Assignment.