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Office of Church Relations

  • Highlights2014 Highlights »
  • Prayer gatheringPrayer gathering at Heroes Garden
  • Revelation WorkshopMike Cope's Revelation Workshop
  • PBL GatheringPepperdine Bible Lectures 2013 Gathering in the Waves CafĂ©
  • Firestone FieldhousePepperdine Bible Lectures 2013 Firestone Fieldhouse
  • Smothers TheatrePepperdine Bible Lectures 2013 Smothers Theatre
Pepperdine Bible Lectures 2014 - Highlights1 Prayer gathering2 Revelation Workshop3 PBL Gathering4 Firestone Fieldhouse5 Smothers Theatre6


Pepperdine University values the spiritual heritage that gave it birth and that has nurtured it for nearly seven decades. All academic catalogs affirm: "Pepperdine University is religiously affiliated with the Churches of Christ, of which Mr. Pepperdine was a lifelong member."

The Office of Church Relations exists to strengthen the historic spiritual ties between Pepperdine and the Churches of Christ, and to continue to build new bridges of partnership with this vibrant church constituency.