Pepperdine to Host Leadership Track at 2013 RENEW Conference

Pepperdine University will partner with the College Church of Christ by sponsoring the leadership track at the 2013 RENEW Conference, February 8-9, in Fresno, CA. This annual conference seeks to serve congregational renewal in all its forms. Tracks designed for church leaders and members ensures that all who attend will leave with practical advice and spiritual insight.

Jason Locke, preaching minister at the College Church and conference organizer, offers comment about how churches are dealing with declining members: “Some churches try to alter worship styles or to preach more “relevant” sermons. Others tinker with various ministries or outreach projects in the hopes that these will attract the unchurched. Yet the decline continues. Our RENEW conference is an attempt to step back and give serious thought to the idea of congregational renewal. RENEW helps us ask serious questions and have a good time while doing it.”

2 thoughts on “Pepperdine to Host Leadership Track at 2013 RENEW Conference

    1. This conference is open to all believers seeking renewal in their relationship with God.

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