Church of Christ Disaster Relief Effort Giving Aid and Comfort to Tornado Damaged Moore and Granbury

We have seen the Church of Christ Disaster Relief team spring in to action before during natural disasters. This organization is primarily volunteer driven, offering basic necessities to victims of floods, fires, and other storm related disasters. They come along side local churches of Christ to assist in their efforts during a disaster.

They are currently organizing efforts to support victims in Moore, Oklahoma as well as Granbury, Texas. If you are looking for a way to support those who have lost so much during these catastrophic events, consider getting involved with the Church of Christ Disaster Relief Effort team. 

  • Disaster Relief Effort
    410 Allied Drive
    Nashville, TN 37211
    Phone: 615-833-0888
    Toll free: 1-888-541-2848
    Fax: 615-831-7133


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