VBS in December: Campbell Church of Christ Serves Children in San Felipe, Mexico

Hung and Corinne Le offer prayer for the Mexico mission team

Pepperdine Registrar, Hung Le and University Church of Christ Children’s Minister, Corinne Le offer a prayer of blessing for the Mexico mission team from the Campbell Church of Christ on Thursday, January 2, 2014.

After a day-long journey that began in Mexico, forty-eight weary members of the Campbell Church of Christ passed through Malibu for some hot food, a hot shower and restful sleep at Pepperdine’s Rockwell Towers. The group spent their Christmas vacation working with the Amor ministry in San Felipe, Mexico building a house for a needy family. Gordon Kruger, one of the group’s organizers, says that the church has built over 30 homes since the 1960s. In addition, the mission team, made up of children, teens, families, and seniors offered a Vacation Bible School program for a church in San Felipe. Before showering and heading to bed in the student dorms, the Campbell team shared reflections of a week well spent.” Jesus was present in surprising ways,” one chaperone said. “We showed up to the wrong church to conduct a VBS program and they let us go forward with our plans. God knew who needed to hear His message.”

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