Crenshaw Church of Christ Celebrates the 50-year Ministry of Billy Curl

Billy C. Curl

On Wednesday evening, January 8, 2014, Tyson L. Moore stepped to the podium precisely at 7 pm and welcomed a full house to the Crenshaw Church of Christ for the first of a five-day celebration of the ministry of Billy and Mary Curl. Willie E. Brown, minister of the San Pablo Avenue Church of Christ in Oakland California presented the first of three gospel sermons.

Billy and Mary Curl were seated in the front of the auditorium in decorated seats of honor.┬áSinging groups performed, followed by a video tribute to Billy and Mary. Mary’s smile and hugs were a recurring theme from participants in the video. “Getting a hug from Mary is like getting a hug from God,” one interviewed church member said. “Billy is a great man because he is humble,” Willie Brown said, during a special tribute prior to his sermon. The 90-minute program was filled with laughter, tears, and genuine expressions of love for the Curls.

Churches from all over Southern California were present on Wednesday night and more are expected on Thursday and Friday night gospel meetings that begin at 7 pm.. The women’s tea, in honor of Mary, scheduled for Saturday, January 11 is sold out as is the Celebration Banquet on Saturday night. The celebration will conclude on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm at the Crenshaw Church of Christ, January 12, and is open to all guests.

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