Pepperdine Names Jeff Walling Founding Director of Youth Leadership Initiative

Jeff Walling

Jeff Walling

Pepperdine University has named Jeff Walling as the founding director of the Youth Leadership Initiative, a program designed to encourage young Christian men and women to discover and develop their leadership skills in order to strengthen their faith, succeed in their careers, and advance the mission of the Kingdom of God.

Walling is a nationally recognized public speaker who addresses over 65 thousand teens each year throughout the world. Using humor and audience participation, Jeff connects with young people at a personal level, drawing them closer to Christ.

Walling has served as the preaching minister of the Providence Road Church of Christ in Charlotte, NC since 1997. He and his family are no strangers to California. Prior to his current role, Jeff served churches in Orange County, CA, for over 20 years.

Jeff and Cathryn Walling have three sons and a daughter in law: Taylor and Courtney Walling, both graduates of Oklahoma Christian University, now living in Charlotte, NC; Riley Walling, a graduate of Harding University, now living in Porter Ranch, CA; and Spencer Walling, a student at Harding University.

Jeff and Cathryn will move to Malibu in the summer of 2014 to begin work at Pepperdine on September 1.

Jeff will join the Church Relations team at Pepperdine, working along side Mike Cope, director of ministry outreach and the director of the annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures and Rick Gibson, Vice President for Public Affairs and Church Relations.

3 thoughts on “Pepperdine Names Jeff Walling Founding Director of Youth Leadership Initiative

  1. So glad to hear Jeff & Cathryn will be moving back to california!
    What a wonderful addition to Pepperdine!

  2. Great to See you back in CA. I guess I’ll to wait to see you in TX. Congrat’s on the appointment and looking forward to watching the Lords work expand from the wonderful program at Pepperdine, BTW Jeff owe’s me an email. ;-)

  3. Jeff,
    I am not sure your exact role with local churches? However, my son is a freshman Bible major at Pepperdine and our youth group in Santa Paula could use a visit? Thanks for visiting me when I was at the Raleigh Church of Christ in Memphis, Tn … back in the 1990’s.
    Bob Perez

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