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Office of Church Relations

Won By One

Audition Information

To audition for Won By One, please complete and email an application and have two letters of recommendation sent to by March 1 prior to the year of admittance.  The letters of recommendation and the application must be sent via e-mail.

In addition to the application, a videotaped audition consisting of three a cappella songs, one being a previously recorded Won By One song and one song with a Won By One style introduction of a minute or so, must be sent to the Church Relations office.  The video can be in any form of electronic media: DVD, .mov file, youtube link, etc.  Click here to access the application.

How are auditions conducted?

All candidates will be required to submit a videotaped audition consisting of three
a cappella songs, one with a Won By One-style introduction of a minute or so (why the song was selected, why it is meaningful, etc.). It may benefit you to select songs of varying styles in order to most adequately showcase their voices. At least one of the songs must have been previously recorded by Won By One.

Important: The video must be unedited (without stops) -- in other words, it is a continuous taping of song, introduction, song, song, and self-introduction (not necessarily in that order). You should spend no more than five minutes describing yourself.

Recordings (or links to recordings) should be received at the Church Relations Office no later than March 1. Each candidate should also complete the electronic application. Include two letters of recommendation, with at least one from an elder or minister at your home congregation. After reviewing the tapes, a smaller group may be asked to come to campus to audition in person. This will take place around early April. The group should be selected by the end of April.

If there are any additional questions, please direct them to this email address: or view our Frequently Asked Questions page to help clarify.