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Exam Accommodations


The DSO is prepared to assist professors by providing alternate testing rooms or proctors when necessary. It is between the student and professor, however, to decide how such services are rendered and to contact the DSO if assistance is needed.

Email or call (310-506-6500) with any questions or concerns about providing exam accommodations. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Exam Accommodations

How do I know what exam accommodations to provide?

Students who are approved for exam accommodations should provide you with an updated accommodation letter specifically detailing their accommodations. Exam accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  • Extended time
  • Distraction-reduced environment
  • Use of a word processor
  • Enlarged text
  • Scribe
  • Reader

What constitutes a distraction-reduced environment?

A distraction-reduced environment is a testing locale with minimal interruptions and noise. Smaller classrooms with few students or a quiet office would be suitable. It is important to discuss the testing environment with the student in order to determine the appropriateness of the testing environment.

Should I contact Disability Services if I am providing the exam accommodations on my own?

It is not necessary for the instructor to contact our office if providing exam accommodations without assistance from the DSO. You will just want to be sure that the student is comfortable with the accommodations you are making for their exam. 

How do students request exam proctoring from Disability Services?

Students should refer to the Implementation Guidelines specific to their school that are posted and attached to the accommodation letters they receive once they have been approved for accommodations and letters that they will receive in response to a completed Semester Request each semester. 

Seaver College Exam Proctoring Requests

Due its having the largest student population, Seaver College has the largest volume of exams proctored by the Disability Services Office. Due to these larger numbers, our office asks that students and professors work with our office to provide exam information. The responsibilities of each party are outlined below:

Professor Responsibility

Two weeks ahead of the exam date, the DSO will send the professor an email with a link to a google form requesting exam proctoring information. We would ask that professors provide as detailed an explanation of their proctoring practices as possible on this form, including the means of and delivery date for the exam.

*Please note that our office does not always receive requests at least two weeks ahead of the exam date. As a courtesy to our students, we try our best to accommodate as many students as possible. We appreciate professors' grace and flexibility when we have such requests.

Student Responsibility

  1. At the beginning of the semester, students will need to complete an Exam Proctoring Form for each class. This google form will give our office a comprehensive notification of the dates of all exams, including finals.
  2. The student will need to check their email and google calendar at least one week ahead of the exam date to confirm that their request has been received and processed. A confirmed exam appointment will say "Confirmed" at the end of the event title.
  3. Students will need to arrive at the DSO (Tyler Campus Center 264) at least 10 minutes ahead of their exam time.

Disability Services Responsibility

  1. In response to students' requests, the Disability Services Office will invite the student to a google calendar event to confirm receipt of the request.
  2. Two weeks before the exam date, the DSO will contact the professor for exam information.
  3. Once we have received all of the exam information from both student and professor, the DSO will schedule a room and proctor for the student. As a confirmation, the DSO will update the calendar event by inviting the professor and adding "Confirmed" to the end of the event title.