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The University will provide services and accommodations as mandated by the ADA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Because each disability and the particular circumstances surrounding each request are unique, it is impossible to predict what accommodations might be provided to any particular student. Accommodations are determined through an interactive process with the student, DSO, and the medical provider.  A few examples of services and accommodations, which might be available to certain qualified individuals, include:

  • Accommodation Letters to give to Professors
  • Note takers
  • Priority registration
  • Extended Time on Exams
  • Distraction Reduced Exam Rooms
  • Materials in Alternative Text (e.g. books on CD, digital text, etc.)
  • American Sign Language interpreters
  • Real-Time Captioning
  • Use of an Assistive Listening Device

The above list of services is not exhaustive, nor are these services guaranteed. Requests for particular accommodations should be made in a timely manner. The amount of time considered appropriate depends on the type of accommodation. Please refer to a DSO staff member to determine what is considered timely for all accommodation requests.

The decision of whether your requested accommodation will be provided will depends on several things: functional limitations of your disability, the particular class or classes you take, the burden that the accommodation would place on the University in terms of resources, as well as whether the accommodation would fundamentally disturb or alter the nature of the service provided.


If you would like to know whether the University provides particular software, adaptive technology, or other pieces of equipment, please make your inquiry as specific as possible. The DSO will let you know whether such items are available from University. Please know, however, that the University is willing--when required by Section 504 and the ADA--to purchase additional equipment in order to provide reasonable accommodation to its students with disabilities.

Students must designate their service needs on the "Service Request Form" and submit their list of classes to the Disability Services Office at least one week prior to the first day of classes.

Please Note:

Tutoring services are not offered through the DSO. Tutoring that is provided by the University is available to all students (e.g. Writing Lab, tutors sponsored by various departments, etc.) must be reasonably accessible to persons with disabilities. The DSO can provide a resource list for local academic coaches. 

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