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Advising and Registration

The DSO strongly recommends that students who are requesting accommodations meet with the DSO director at least once per semester to discuss their academic needs for the following term. When considered appropriate, the DSO may approve priority registration for students upon request.  Students who are approved for this accommodation are able to begin registering on the same day as student athletes, one day prior to the start of general registration.

When scheduling your courses, please consider the following:

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor before your window opens to register so that you are ready to schedule classes immediately once your window does indeed open
  2. Research available course offerings online in advance-writing down your choices (and backup choices) in advance can make your registration go smoothly and quickly
  3. Consider your disability-related needs and issues when scheduling. Some factors to consider might be:
    • What time of day do the classes meet?
    • How often do classes meet?
    • Can you handle back-to-back classes or do you need breaks?
    • Is your coursework balanced, so that you avoid an overload?
    • Is there a type of work that is affected by your disability (i.e. if you have an LD in reading, can you handle three classes that involve a considerable amount of reading?)
    • If you have energy limitations, are you able to get to your next class on time?
  4. Be sure to submit your Service Request Form immediately after you register
  5. Alert the DSO of any change in registration or service request as soon as possible (for example, dropping a class or changing your section number)
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