How to Register with DSO | Pepperdine University

How to Register with DSO

Step One:

Please complete an online inquiry to begin the process of registering your disability with our office.  

Step Two:

After completing the online inquiry, you will receive the following forms in an email. Please upload these to your file through Wavenet (instructions will be in the email): 

  1. Information Release
  2. Disability Verification Form

Our Guidelines for Documentation of a Disability will guide your medical or psychological professional on the information needed to complete your file. If you are seeking accommodations for ADD or for a learning disability, please note there is specific information needed in addition to the disability verification form

If you have had accommodations in the past, please include accommodation letters in the documentation you submit

Step Three:

Once this information is received in our office, please call us at 310.506.6500 to schedule a conversation with one of our directors. We want to hear about your disability, the barriers it presents to your education, and together discern how Pepperdine can best support you.

Within one week of a complete file and the conversation with our staff, you will hear back from the DSO. If approved for accommodations, you will receive an email from us with your letter of accommodation. You will choose with whom to share this letter. Accommodations will not be offered until your letter is presented to professors or appropriate staff.


Please know that your relationship with our office is dynamic--we want to hear from you if your accommodations are not working, if you need additional support, or if your accommodations are working well. We can support you as you discuss your needs with your professors. 

Please also note that all communication with the Disability Services Office is confidential. We will not disclose your affiliation with our office without your permission. 


Please note: If you would like to request additional accommodations after your initial registration with our office, you will need to provide documentation and have an additional conversation with one of our directors. The Disability Services Office will need at least one week to process these requests.