High definition control room

From the Verizon Television Studio Lobby to the Mandelker Broadcast Newsroom, the Communication Division at Pepperdine University features state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.  Fifteen Sony EX1 cameras are available for students to capture their stories.   Our aspiring filmmakers can also choose from Sony EX3s or a Canon 7D camera package.  Light kits from Lowel and Kino-Flo allow students to create a professional glow.   A selection of wireless and wired lavalier, omnidirectional and shotgun microphones are available to record seamless sound.

With four Sony High Definition cameras, a Sony switcher, and a Yamaha digital mixing console, Pepperdine's television studio is comparable to a medium or large market broadcast newsroom.   Student directors follow the action on 3 52-inch Sony monitors. 

Final Cut HD editing bay

For post-production, students can reserve six private editing bays outfitted with Final Cut Pro HD.   Another ten Final Cut editing stations are available to cut news, docs, or narratives.   Mac and PC computer labs encourage multimedia web development.   All projects are networked together for easy sharing of files, rough cuts, and final edits.



Space is always at a premium along the California coast. Yet, Pepperdine University has set aside a prime spot, overlooking the Pacific to house the Institute and its programs. The facility will serve as a world-class performance venue for the University. The Institute would include a theater/screening venue, a film studio, a music-recording studio in addition to the offices of the EMC. The building will reflect the vision of this initiative and the mission of Pepperdine through its creative design and beautiful aesthetics. The facility also will serve as the home of the University Church of Christ, integrating media arts into the life of a local congregation.

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