The Stephen Dickter Memorial Scholarship

Steve Dickter

Awarded to students like Stephen whose commitment to excellence extends from behind the camera into media research, we expect scholarship recipients will follow Stephen's model by investing in the next generation of visual storytellers and media makers. Video link

Whether on set or in the classroom, Stephen lived by high standards undergirded with a generous sense of humor. Helping to forge Pepperdine University's graduate degree in Media Production, Stephen crafted curriculum that he hoped to teach, blending academic rigor with industry standards. The Stephen Dickter Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to students like Stephen who may have pushed pause on their professional career to extend their skills through graduate education. He focused on the big picture, inspiring others to contribute to the greater good.

To establish an endowed scholarship, our goal is to reach $100,000. Those who wish to be a Founding Sponsor or in the Founder's Circle will enjoy an annual celebration and media showcase of the students' and founders' curated works. To be part of this Founder's Circle, give $1,000 now or $10 per month. Every dollar makes a difference to the students following in Stephen's footsteps. To donate, visit GIVE TO SCHOLARSHIP FUND

Founding Sponsor

Available for $100,000 donation from a foundation, corporation or individual.

Founder's Circle 

Yvette Alcala. Patrick Bensimmon, Jennifer Berry, Alec Boehme, Delphine Broccard, Rich Carter, Caroline Cicero, Craig Detweiler, Len Dickter, Jenny Gardner, Michael Holmes, Camilla Gumboa, Kathryn Linehan, Mitch Livingston, Rob Rubin, Karim Sahli, Eric Schmidt, John Spellman, Sarah Stone-Watt, F Kenneth Vudmaska, Nickolas Whelan, Ann Witt.


Available for any gift from $1,500 up to a $100,000 from a foundation, corporation or individual.

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