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Mark Nanos Explores "Paul's Relationship to Jews and Judaism in First-Century Context"

The Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies will host Mark Nanos for a lecture on "Paul's Relationship to Jews and Judaism in First-Century Context" Thursday, Mar. 6, at 10 a.m. in the Fireside Room, Malibu.  

Romans 11 continues to be a central text for Christian perceptions of Jews and Judaism. Current translations give the impression that Paul was a "Christian" writing about Jews and Judaism as if these no longer represented his own identity. They also suggest that Paul perceived his fellow Jews who did not believe in Jesus as Christ to have been removed from the covenants God made with Abraham and Israel, being "cut off," "hardened," "disobedient," even "enemies of God."

Nanos will demonstrate why these are not the most accurate choices for translating and interpreting Paul's message in its original first-century context, and how a new approach to Paul's message from within Judaism can contribute to advancing Christian-Jewish relations today.

Nanos is a lecturer in the Religious Studies department at the University of Kansas. He has spent the last two decades investigating the implications for Jewish-Christian relations of his reading of Paul as a Torah-observant Jew founding Jewish subgroup communities. He proposes that we should be investigating Paul's Judaism in the intra-communal context of other Jewish groups, including other groups of followers of Jesus, which together with Paul's groups represented a coalitoin we might describe as Apostolic Judaism.

Hosting special events and conferences for the entire campus community allows the Glazer Institute to reach a wider audience and to attract a diverse and distinguished assembly of speakers to discuss some of the most challenging topics of the day. Discussing controversial issues in a respectful atmosphere has allowed audience members not only to better understand the facets of the topic, but also to learn from the example of panelists who respect differences while remaining faithful to their own traditions and ideals.

For more information, visit the Glazer Institute website or contact Drew Billings.

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