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Photo of R. Christopher Heard

R. Christopher Heard, Ph.D. 
Professor of Religion
Seaver College

Phone: (310) 506-4299
Location: Malibu Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • Bible translation
  • The Bible and art
  • The Bible and film
  • The Bible and pop culture

Christopher Heard has published several works on the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. His most recent articles deal with religion and the media by examining feature-length movies (e.g. Dogma) and animated films (e.g. All Dogs Go to Heaven). Heard has also been featured as an expert in various documentaries, including one touching on the religious themes of The Poseidon Adventure. Heard's key affiliations include membership in the Catholic Biblical Association, the National Association of Professors of Hebrew, and the Society of Biblical Literature.

Heard serves as a translation consultant for the World Bible Translation Center and has evaluated various translations of Old Testament books including Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Isaiah. Heard received his master's degree in the Old Testament from Abilene Christian University and his doctorate in religious studies from Southern Methodist University.

Media Contact Information

Office of Public Relations
Pepperdine University
Direct: (310) 506-4138

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