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Photo of Darlene S. Rivas

Darlene S. Rivas, Ph.D. 
Professor of History and Latin Ameican Studies
Seaver College

Phone: (310) 506-4025
Location: Malibu Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Twentieth-century U.S. history
  • History of U.S. relations with Latin America
  • History of Venezuela

As an expert panelist, Darlene Rivas has discussed topics such as U.S.-Venezuelan relations, historical anti-Americanism in Venezuela, labor and diplomatic history in Latin America after World War II, Eisenhower and the third world, and the role of Nelson Rockefeller in developing Venezuela. Rivas has received several honors and grants including the Dean's Research Grant at Pepperdine, the Gordon Travel Grant at Vanderbilt University, and the Harry S. Truman Library Institute Grant.

Rivas' key affiliations include membership in the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, the American Historical Association, The Historical Society, and the Latin American Studies Association. Rivas received her doctorate from Vanderbilt University.

Media Contact Information

Office of Public Relations
Pepperdine University
Direct: (310) 506-4138

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