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School of Public Policy Hosts Forum "The Broadband Technology Explosion"

On June 20, the School of Public Policy hosted a forum, "The Broadband Technology Explosion: Rethinking Communications Policy for a Mobile Broadband World," at the Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park, Calif. 

The live-streamed event featured a distinguished panel of experts, including associate professor James Prieger, who provided a detailed look at current and evolving U.S. broadband sectors and technologies, as well as the policy choices facing federal regulators as they pursue various policy objectives and the best ideas for a federal policy framework.

The experts explored which policies will foster innovation and investment in next generation broadband infrastructure and simultaneously driving wider adoption and use of the infrastructure among consumers including small businesses, universities, research institutions, the medical field, and others. Each speaker presented his recent research and analysis. The forum then concluded with a panel discussion.

The panel of experts included Larry Downes, author of "Big Bang Disruption," published in Harvard Business Review, and author of a forthcoming book on the subject; Hal Singer, coauthor of The Need for Speed: A New Framework for Telecommunications Policy for the 21st Century, an eBook published by The Brookings Institution, in which the authors posit suggestions on reforming the FCC and its oversight of the broadband sector; James Prieger, associate professor of public policy at Pepperdine University and author of several papers on broadband economics and policy; and Richard Clarke, AT&T, author of "Expanding Mobile Wireless Capacity: The Challenges Presented by Technology and Economics," a white paper published on the Social Science Research Network.

For more information, visit the School of Public Policy Web site.

View the entire forum below:


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